Maruti Baleno Reimagined In Crossover Livery

by Kshitij Rawat | 15/06/2020
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Check out this digital rendering of a Maruti Baleno, modified into a crossover, complete with a video of the entire design process.

Automotive enthusiasts love to customise their cars. From improving the looks of the car to extracting more performance, there are plenty of modifications that can be done to a vehicle. That said, there are a few artists who believe that there’s something even better. Instead of working on a physical car, they prefer to digitally alter a car! While the results aren’t tangible, there are no limits to what can be achieved digitally! Here we have a perfect example of a modified Maruti Baleno, reimagined as a crossover hatchback.

Maruti Baleno Reimagined In Crossover Livery | IndianAutosBlog

The rendering shown here was created by Shoeb R Kalania of IndianAutosBlog. Regular readers might remember that IAB is the sister publication of IndianAuto. The video begins with a picture of a stock Maruti Baleno. The first change to the car is the replacement of the stock front bumper for a new one. After that, body cladding is added to the wheel arches and the doors. The cladding as well as the bumpers are black and not body-coloured, to add a little utilitarian touch to the design. The ORVMs are also blacked-out, and the antenna is replaced by a sleeker shark-fin unit.

Maruti Baleno Reimagined In Crossover Livery

Next, have a redesign for the front fascia. The bulbous headlamps are replaced by sleek looking ones, and the front grille now resembles the one in the Ignis. Custom wheels (also blacked-out) are then added to the Baleno, followed by a pair of roof rails. To finish the design process, a new shade of exterior colour is added, replacing the fiery red with a docile brown. The suspension isn’t raised at all, which is why there is no travel for the wheels. As such, this isn’t an off-roader, but a soft-roader. Whatever be the case, this one surely looks exciting, and we would’ve loved to see something like this in real life as well.


A Modified Maruti Baleno That Can Give Honda City a Run for its Money

The Maruti Baleno is powered by a 1.2-litre, naturally aspirated, inline-4 engine. This motor is available in two states of tune- 83 PS/113 Nm and 90 PS/113 Nm. The more powerful version is also available with mild-hybrid assistance. Transmission options include a 5-speed manual and a CVT gearbox.

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