Check Out Maruti Gypsy and Mahindra Thar in AXLE BENDING Off Road Action

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 16/05/2020
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Here's a video clip showcasing the level of difficulty that Rainforest Challange throws at thoroughly modified Maruti Gypsy and Mahindra Thar SUVs

Rainforest Challenge is a tough and demanding motorsport event where even the army tanks can fail. It tests the potential of both man and his machine. The first-ever Rainforest Challenge took place in 1997 in Malaysia. Since then, this offroad competition has been reaching to more countries with every passing year. Currently, the RFC calendar comprises of 15 different events in 15 distinct countries. In India, the first edition of Rainforest Challenge took place in 2014 in Goa, where 22 teams participated in the competition. Force Motors has been closely associated with the fixture and has been participating with an extensively modified Gurkha. To give you folks an idea of what it is actually like, here’s a small clip from Dayakaran Vlog’s YouTube channel.


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In the video, a lot of Maruti Gypsy, Mahindra Thar, and older Mahindra CL340/540 can be seen attempting different obstacles. However, some of them end up failing to complete the course, even after being extensively modified take on the challenging terrain. The video showcases the difficulty level and we admit that it is way more challenging than any other offroad rally that is held in the country. The video also depicts that some obstacles can be so tough that a thorough-bred diesel motor and a powerful winch fail to pull the vehicle up a slope.

It is evident by this video that participants generally prefer the old-school Gypsy and Thar as their choice of weapons. Also, the cars feature boundless and purposeful modifications to make their way through the stages. As the tracks are full of deep ruts, flooded rivers, gullies, washed off wetlands, and marshy plains and stock examples of the SUVs would be of no use.


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Check Out Maruti Gypsy and Mahindra Thar in AXLE BENDING Off-roading

Roll cage helps in such situation when the car rolls back upside down.

Talking of the modifications, the competitors equipped their cars with massive lift kits, chunkier MT-spec tyres, solid axles at both the ends, differential lockers, auxiliary fuel tank and lights, powerful winch at the front and rear end, an independent braking system for rear wheels, and more. The vehicles participating in the Rainforest Challenge are also scrutinized for safety gear before their participation is confirmed. A 6-point roll cage, 4-point seatbelts, external ignition cut-off switch are a few of the many mandatory safety equipments. To participate in RFC, an entry fee of Rs 75,000 for Competitors class and Rs 15,000 for Touring Adventurers class is charged.

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