This Maruti Gypsy With Tank Tracks Is A SNOW LEOPARD

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 01/12/2020
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Maruti is bringing the successor to the Gypsy finally in the next few months. Today we have got an original Gypsy which is custom made to conquer anything it faces.

Maruti Gypsy was a true off-roading legend if ever there was one in India, offering next to no creature comforts but had supreme go-anywhere capabilities. It is so beloved that the Indian Defence forces still used Gypsies as their go-to vehicle up until very recently. The all-new fourth-generation Jimny is slated for a launch very soon, and it has shown to be a capable off-roader abroad. But since it has grown up to a modern 4x4 with things the Gypsy could only dream off, the new Jimny would arguably have fewer things that you can just lop off and add even more off-roading equipment on. 


This Subtly Modified Maruti Gypsy Looks as BOLD as a new Mahindra Thar

Here we have pictures of a Gypsy which has given away it’s wheels for a set of continuous tracks instead. It also has ditched its doors and fitted metal braces for easier ingress and egress, though you may feel a bit cold. This Gypsy gets two passenger seats with a single bench on one side, with the rest being used as a storage bay, and on the side of it, there's a huge pick-axe fitted as well for the times when you somehow actually manage to get this monster stuck.

Continuous tracks are made of interlinking chains, which in comparison to normal tyres, giving the vehicle far greater traction in soft surfaces like snow or sand. Tracks are inherently wider than tyres, giving them a greater surface area of contact and spreads the weight of the vehicle over a larger area, which greatly reduces the chances of sinking in snow or sand.


Here's a Modified Maruti Suzuki Gypsy With Retro Look

Other than the tracks, mechanically this Maruti Gypsy remains the same which means it gets a 1.3-litre N/A carburetted engine which made 66 PS/103 Nm of peak power and torque and was mated to a 5-speed manual. It was also a featherweight as it weighed only 985 kilos. The Gypsy was based on the second generation Suzuki Jimny but got a longer wheelbase. The all-new Jimny will be a longer version of the Jimny Sierra that’s found internationally, giving it a 5-door profile instead of 3. The new car will come with a modern 1.5-litre N/A engine that makes 104 PS/138 Nm of max power and torque and can be paired with a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed auto, while the low-range transfer case will come as standard across both versions.

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