Maruti Swift Crashes While Drifting On A Busy Road, None Injured

by Jatin Chhibber | 18/09/2020
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This man tried drifting his Maruti Swift on a public road but ended up crashing it. Watch the video embedded below to know more.

Every automobile enthusiast around the world has tried drifting his/her car at least once in a lifetime. Because of the lack of budget to buy a rear-wheel-drive car, we Indians consider handbrake turns as drifting. Nevertheless, we all need to know that our roads are not meant for these kinds of stunts and attempting them can lead to a life-threatening situation. Here’s a video, which was uploaded by a YouTube channel named as Arun Panwar that shows how difficult it is to drift a car on Indian roads. In the video, the owner of a Maruti Swift can be seen trying to do handbrake turns on a busy road in Kerala.


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One can see the driver revving the engine hard and driving the car at speeds higher than the defined speed limit. What basically the Swift driver does is, he attains a certain speed and then pulls the handbrake lever while steering the car to get its rear-end slide out. After a few tries, he loses his control over the car and crashes into an electric pole. On a straight road, the driver tries taking a handbrake turn but misjudges the handling. All the wheels of the car ended up being locked, and it thus gets out of control. Fortunately, only the driver was sitting inside the car and did not suffer any major injuries.



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Moreover, the damage of the crash was also not all that huge as only the side fender of the car got damaged. After a few seconds, one can see the driver opening the door of the car, which clearly shows that the damage is minimal. One can also expect the rims of the car to get damaged by the impact of the accident, but that isn't the case. The Maruti Swift you see in the video is only 5 months old. One should always remember that doing such stunts on public roads is not legal and can invite legal troubles. People were also seen walking on the road, and if he would have hit someone, he could be in a bigger problem. Thus, team IndianAuto urges its readers to drive as safe as possible.

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