Maruti Vitara Brezza Outperforms Ford EcoSport at Crossing Water Streams In Ladakh

by Jatin Chhibber | 22/08/2020
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Here’s a YouTube video that shows a Ford EcoSport getting stuck in the water crossing in Ladakh region, while a Maruti Vitara Brezza easily crossing all the hurdles

Ford EcoSport is among the most fun-to-drive cars in its segment. It was the first car which kickstarted the sub-4-meter SUV segment. Right now, the SUV is competing against a lot of rivals. One of those rivals is Maruti Vitara Brezza, which was first launched in the Indian market a few years back and since then, the SUV has been on the top spot in the sales charts. Here’s a recent video uploaded a YouTube channel named as Shantonil Nag that shows Ford EcoSport got stuck in the water crossing while Maruti Vitara Breeza easily goes via the same patch. Watch the video embedded below to know more.


Base Model Maruti Vitara Brezza Gets Mean-looking Alloy Wheels

Both the SUV offers an equal amount of ground clearance. The pre-facelift model of the Maruti SUV stands 198mm above the ground, while the EcoSport offers 200mm of ground clearance. Moreover, the wheelbase of both the SUVs is almost similar. The Ford EcoSport comes with a wheelbase of 2,519 mm, while the Maruti Vitara Breeza offers a wheelbase of 2,500mm. In the Indian market, both the SUVs are offered with the front-wheel-drive layout. So How Maruti Vitara Brezza easily crosses the water crossing, while the Ford EcoSport got stuck?

Maruti Brezza Outperforms Ford EcoSport at Crossing Water Streams In Ladakh


How About A Ford EcoSport With Monster Truck Underpinnings?

In these types of roads, experienced drivers can do better in the less-equipped cars than more equipped vehicles. Moreover, even cars with 4X4 drivetrain system can also get stuck with inexperienced drivers. We don’t know the exact reason how the EcoSport got stuck in the middle of the water crossing. One main reason behind this problem can be the condition of tyres. So always check the condition of your car’s tyres before going on such adventurous trips. Moreover, we also don’t know if the driver driving the EcoSport stopped accelerating in between the water crossing due to which the SUV lost its momentum and got stuck in between. Always prefer going with an experienced driver on such trips. 

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