Mclaren 570s Spyder Worth INR 1.5 Crores Won By Indian Worker In Dubai

by IndianAuto Team | 24/04/2019
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Recently, an Indian worker in Dubai won a Mclaren 570S Spider worth INR 1.5 crores in a contest from his mobile service provider

There are numerous stories of lucky draws and lotteries with the winners being awarded precious presents worth millions. You may have dreamt of being one of these winners at least once in your lifetime. However, dream is just dream. Some people believe so much in the lottery system that they waste plenty of money without gaining much back. On the other hand, for others, luck turns their dream into reality. Balvir Singh, who is an Indian worker in Dubai, belongs to the latter group. He has just become the lucky winner of a contest in which he has been awarded a McLaren 570S Spider. More surprisingly, all he did to participate in the contest was to re-register his mobile number.

 McLaren 570S Spider blue side profile angle with Balvir Singh

The McLaren 570S Spider is the price given to the winner of the contest for people who reregistered their mobile phone number properly.

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As per the UAE Registration Policy, customers with expired ID registrations are required to renew their mobile number registrations by January 31 to prevent their services from being cut off unexpectedly. Anyone who did accordingly are entitled to a lucky draw contest with the McLaren 570S Spider being the first prize. Balvir Singh did accordingly and then one day, he received a call and a message informing him that he has won the contest. As stated by Balvi, at first, he thought that this was from an unkind person who wanted to play a trick on him. He has been working as a carpenter in UAE for the last 10 years and when announced about his winning, he even did not know about this supercar and had to google for it. Until now, he still cannot believe this is reality. He says-

“Thanks to du, this unexpected prize has improved the future of my life and also the lives of my friends and family. [...] It is truly life changing and I am blessed and overwhelmed at the opportunities this has provided me. I have been in the UAE for the last ten years and will continue to be here. I thank du for making my life beautiful.”

the price awareded to balvir singh

Until now, Balvir Singh still cannot believe this is reality.

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As regards the McLaren 570S Spyder, though being one of the most affordable vehicles by the iconic British carmaker, its price which may still take many of you aback, nearly INR 1.5 crores, converted from $211,300. If this supercar ever comes to Indian shore, the actual price would amount to around double. For your information, Mc Laren is one of the leading sports/supercar automakers in the world. The first car to be produced by the company is the Mc Laren F1, which is still the fastest car in the world for quite some time now.

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In terms of the engine and the performance, the 570S Spider keeps under its hood a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharged V8 motor which also powers other supercars such as the maniac P1 and the 650 PS, but with a higher state of tune. In the 570S Spider, the engine can deliver an impressive maximum power/torque figure of 562 bhp/600 Nm. The vehicle can reach a top speed of 328 kmph and accelerate from a standstill to 100 kmph in only 3.2 seconds.

Balvir has sold the McLaren not long after having it delivered to his garage with a view to investing in business and several other plans. Although it is a saddening decision for most of us, for himself, it is a logical one. Such an expensive sports car requires a high monthly maintenance cost which is difficult for him to afford with a carpenter’s earnings. After all, thanks to this story, we have more hopes of winning a supercar or even only a normal car.

balvir singh in mclaren 570s spider blue side profile

He has sold the supercar not long after that, which is a logical decision for a carpenter like him.

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