Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 Vs Suzuki Jimny - Which Wins The Tug-Of-War?

by Mohammed Burman | 08/04/2019
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Recently, a video which shows the Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 and the Suzuki Jimny compete against each other in a tug-of-war has been released. Let’s see what the result is.

The Suzuki Jimny is selling like hotcakes in many international markets, which has even made it difficult for the Japanese auto manufacturer to satisfy the enormous demand. The popularity of the Jimny can be partially associated with its boxy shape that reminds us very much of the fabulous Mercedes-Benz AMG G63. Other than that, they do not have much in common. But recently, an interesting video that shows the two vehicles rival each other in a tug-of-war has surfaced on the web space-

Mercedes-AMG G63 vs Suzuki Jimny - TUG OF WAR

The two vehicles compete with each other in three rounds. In the first round, one single Suzuki Jimny fights against one Mercedes G63 AMG. The result is quite predictable with the G63 AMG winning the war effortlessly. The victory seems to be easy as we can see in the video that the G63 AMG’s driver even reads a newspaper during the competition.

1 suzuki jimny vs 1 mercedes benz g63 amg

In the first round, the Mercedes G63 AMG easily defeats one Suzuki Jimny.

In the second round, another Jimny joined in the battle. This makes the competition more interesting, but not surprisingly, the Mercedes G63 AMG still wins the war. It is just a piece of cake for the legendary German SUV as this time, instead of reading a newspaper, the driver of the G63 AMG eats some fast food in a relaxed manner.

2 suzuki jimny vs 1 mercedes-benz g63 amg

In the second round, the Mercedes Benz still wins the competition over the two Jimny quite effortlessly.

The driver of the Jimny does not give up. In the final round, three Jimny rival one single G63 AMG. Eventually, with the combined strength, the former wins the victory this time, but they seem to have tried hard to get this result, unlike the G63 AMG which did this with no trouble in the first two rounds.

3 suzuki jimny vs 1 mercedes-benz g63 amg

Finally, three Suzuki Jimny manages to win the competition.

As regards the performance, the Suzuki Jimny keeps under its hood a naturally aspirated 1.5-litre petrol motor which can generate 101 bhp of maximum power and 130 Nm of peak torque. The transmission duties are undertaken by a 5-speed MT gearbox. The new Jimny was launched last year and soon became one of the hottest selling models of the Japanese automaker, which is thanks to its reasonable price and good off-road performance. On the other hand, the G63 AMG is a real off-road monster with a 4-litre twin turbocharged motor that can deliver a maximum power/torque figure of 577 bhp/850 Nm and is coupled with a 9-speed DCT gearbox. Also launched last year, this new generation of the G63 AMG is one of the most powerful and famous SUVs around the world.

So, the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG can only be defeated by three Suzuki Jimny together. Interestingly enough, the G63 AMG costs around ten times more than the Suzuki Jimny, which means that you can buy three Jimny to effectively beat one G63 AMG. But you need an extremely large garage and two other drivers to exploit the combined power of the three Jimny. Therefore, although the two SUVs serve different purposes, we think that it would be more logical to buy a Mercedes Benz G63 AMG if you just want to feel a great power.

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