How Quite is it Inside the Mercedes-Benz EQC is? Check Out our NVH Test [VIDEO]

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 24/09/2020
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Mercedes-Benz EQC is going to be the very-first electric luxury SUV of the country. Being electric, it misses out on the exhaust note, and therefore, it is silent. How silent? We find out.

Mercedes-Benz is known for producing some of the finest cars on the planet. Also, the founder of the brand ‘Karl Benz’ is known as the maker of the very first car in the universe. To upkeep the focus on words like ‘first’ and ‘finest’, Mercedes-Benz has decided to introduce the EQC in the country. It will be the very-first luxury electric SUV to go on sale in the nation. Since it’s electric, it’s fast without being loud. But, the question that remains unanswered is how silent it is. To find that out, we decided to perform a sound test. All it took was ready-ing our host and a decibel meter. The former agreed with a wide grin, and we never asked for the consent  the latter.

We checked the decibel counts at idle, at city speeds (with/without AC), and highways speeds. After turning the car on, the decibel count that was recorded on the device was around 37.5 dB, which is quite low. But then electric cars don’t have an engine rumbling under the bonnet at idle speeds. At city speeds of around 65 kmph, the decibel meter gave reading of 60 dB. However, during this test, the AC was turned off. We then turned it on, and the decibel meter showed a figure of 65 dB.


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The host then thought of poking the pedal a little to attain speeds northwards of 120 kmph. With the rise in speeds, the decibel meter displayed a figure of 71 dB. However, it should be noted that beyond the speeds of 120 kmph, the car gives a beep every second, which increased the decibel count furthermore. On the whole, we found the EQC to be a silent car.

How Quite Is Mercedes-Benz EQC is? Check Here [VIDEO]

The EQC is based on Mercedes-Benz’s GLC SUV. Therefore, it looks quite like the GLC. However, the design has a minimalistic approach and starts growing on you with time. Powering the EQC are two asynchronous electric motors, which are placed on the axles. The motors source power from an under-floor mounted battery. Together, this setup dishes out a peak power output of 408 PS and max torque of 760 Nm.

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