MG Gloster NVH Levels & AC Effectiveness Tested – VIDEO

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 26/09/2020
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Read here to know about the NVH levels and effectiveness of AC in MG Gloster. The ladder-frame SUV is expected to go on sale by sometime next month. It could be positioned slightly above the top-selling Toyota Fortuner

MG Gloster is all set to be launched in the country. It will be the flagship offering of the Chinese-owned British brand that will lock horns with the likes of Toyota Fortuner. For the Gloster to qualify as a flagship, it needs to offer a posh experience to the occupants. While it is generously-loaded with a bag full of features and safety tech, we thought of finding out if the cabin can keep you away from unwanted noise and heat. To do so, we got ourselves a couple of devices, namely a decibel meter and contactless thermometer. However, let us not forget the host. Getting ‘em up ready all, we checked the reading on the decibel meter in the Gloster before cranking the engine. It was around 37 dB.

After cranking the motor and switching on the AC, the ambient noise rose to 52 dB. Then, we started driving the car at speeds of around 80 kmph with temperature for AC fixed at 22-degree centigrade and fan speed at its lowest. The decibel meter reflected a reading of 58 dB. However, as the speeds increased over 120 kmph, the decibel count increased to 76~77 dB. A big reason for this bump in the dB rating is the speed alert that starts ringing after crossing 120 kmph mark on the speedometer. With these results, we can say that Gloster is a fairly silent car.


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Talking of its AC’s performance, we checked out the temperature at various places inside the cabin after setting the temperature at 22-degree centigrade. We started with the front armrest, and the thermometer showed a reading 26-degree centigrade. Next, we checked the second-row seats. It was 25.9-degree centigrade. Then the final reading was taken at the third-row bench. The thermometer showed a reading of 26.1-degree centigrade. Thus, it can be said that Gloster comes with an effective AC unit.

MG Gloster NVH Levels & AC Effectiveness Tested – VIDEO

The Gloster gets 3-zone climate control with AC vents in all rows. Front-row seats are ventilated too but only offer heating function. The second-row occupants in the Gloster get the leverage of selecting the temperature and fan speed for the airflow. Sadly, the third-row occupants are left on the mercy of second-row passengers.

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