5 Stunning Modified Chevrolet Beat in India

by Vivaan Khatri | 17/12/2020
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Chevrolet Beat was once a popular hatch in India. Even though this car was discontinued, it remains to be a preferred model for modifications. Here are some of the best modified Chevrolet Beat in India.

Chevrolet entered the Indian market back in 1903. The American car brand was among the major car manufacturers in our market along with other market-leading brands like Maruti and Hyundai. However, while the market had massively grown in the first two decades of this century, the popularity of Chevrolet cars had declined over the years until 2017 when the GM finally decided to discontinue all Chevrolet car models in the Indian market.

5 Stunning Modified Chevrolet Beat in India

Even though the entire product line up of the Chevrolet was discontinued, the service network remains for its customer base and its manufacturing facility is now producing cars for other markets. Today, a large amount of Chevrolet cars are still available in the used car market. One of the most popular Chevy cars in India back then was the Beat. You can find a used Chevrolet Beat in good condition at an attractive price in the used car market. With some simple retouches, the Chevrolet Beat can look attractive and modern. If you are looking for inspiration for redesign and modifying a Chevrolet Beat, here are some suggestions of the good-looking modified Chevrolet Beat.

Modified Matte Black Chevrolet Beat

This modified Chevrolet Beat comes from the Mumbai-based car custom shop Autorounders. The stock version of this Beat is a regular all-black hatchback. With some simple modifications, the small hatchback now looks sporty and cooler with a new matte-black exterior paint across the body. Notably, it also gets some playful red highlight around the front fog light housing and the wheel rims. This colour combination expands to the interior design. Originally, the Beat has already got a black-red interior. However, this styling was significantly enhanced after the receiving adjustments with the red highlight becoming more dominant across the cabin. The dashboard, as well as the door, also receives red highlight applique. The Chevrolet Beat also gets aftermarket alloy wheels, headlights and taillights. 

Modified Chevrolet Beat with Matte Black Exterior Paint

Low-rider Green Lantern Chevrolet Beat

While the first modified Chevrolet Beat on this list has an impression of a sleek and sporty but pretty simple car, the second vehicle is an instant head-turner with a bright neon green colour exterior. In addition, this hatchback also gains some heavy modifications that significantly change its appearance. This customized Chevrolet Beat is installed with an aftermarket air suspension system.


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Thanks to the addition of an aftermarket bumper, the Chevrolet Beat’s stance is lowered, making the car look sportier and flamboyant. When driving at night, this modified Chevy Beat will make heads turn because of its underbody neon lighting that matches with its exterior colour.

First Bagged Beat in India | Green Lantern | Air1 Performance

Red Chevrolet Beat

For this modified Chevrolet Beat, the modifier has repainted this hatchback in Candy red, making it distinguished from the original version. Along with the renewed exterior paint, the hatchback also receives a lower stance due to the instalment of an aftermarket bumper. On the fascia, the reshaped headlights look sharper and more aggressive compared to the original version. Foglight housing is also revised to appear sportier.


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Coming to the side profile, this car sports a new set of wheels with a special design. The coolest and unique part of this modified Chevrolet Beat is the hidden The Simpson graffiti painted under the bonnet. In terms of the mechanics, the Chevrolet Beat gets an air suspension system that allows the car to better performance under different driving condition.

Chevy Beat on Bags | QFactory Cstmz | Autobacs Ind

Modified White Chevrolet Beat 

The last car on this list is a white Chevrolet Beat. At first glance, this hatchback does not look as impressive as other cars on the list. However, once you see this car plying on the road, you will see how special it is. Equipped with an after exhaust system, the Beat can release an impressive grunt that will steal the attention of every passerby.

Modified Chevrolet Beat

Apart from this significant change, the Chevrolet Beat also receives some cosmetic updates including reshaped headlights, new aftermarket alloy wheels and carrier rack for the rear end.

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