Here's a Modified Dc Avanti That Offers Topless Fun

by Mohammed Burman | 21/09/2020
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On sale in the second-hand car market for Rs 29 lakh, this modified DC Avanti is the only one of its kind with no roof and a typical roadster body style

After suffering from financial difficulties last year, DC Design has made a comeback with the new brand name, DC2. The firm is owned by auto designer Dilip Chhabria and is one of the most popular car design firms in India. During its presence in the country, the firm has introduced numerous projects, from exterior updates to interior modifications and even some bizarre creations.

dc avanti roadster front three quarters


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DC2 has a wide collection of over 600 projects; nevertheless, its products are not always good looking enough despite being still very attention-attracting. One of the most well-known DC2’s creations is the DC Avanti modified, which is the first Indian-made sports car. However, the DC Avanti modified could not live up to the maker’s expectations due to the low build quality and dynamics. Moreover, if only it had simpler lines, more elegant panels and better practicality, the Avanti could attract even more customers. Its production was discontinued last year and DC2 is preparing for the DC Avanti Roaster's successor which is inspired by TCA. Having said that, it is still one of the most unique modified cars in India.

Transformed into a roadster, the DC Avanti comes with two seaters and two doors. The convertible comes with a roof which can be folded down. Called the DC Avanti Roadster, this car is available for sale at Big Boyz Toyz. This modified car gets an attractive Royal Blue paint scheme and will certainly catch the passers-by's attention on the roads. The front of the car remains intact but the rear, inspired by Lamborghinis, receives new red inserts which contribute to its sportier appearance. The modified DC Avanti runs on a new set of five-spoke alloy rims which improves its overall stance.

dc avanti roaster rear three quarters

The most remarkable alterations have been done to the rear of the vehicle.

The cabin has got a blue overall theme to become harmonious with the exterior styling. The dashboard and the seats get a dual-black-and-blue colour scheme, which makes the vehicle look more attractive. Some of the interior highlights of the vehicle include a full-TFT instrument console, medium-sized touchscreen and top-notch materials. The other features have been kept intact as the coupe version.

dc avanti roaster interior

The cabin of the vehicle has also received some improvements.


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The DC Avanti Roaster receives its power from the same motors which power the coupe version of the car. This motor is a 2.0-litre turbo 4-cyl motor which can deliver 250 BHP against 340 Nm and is mated to a 5-speed MT. To ensure safety for its occupants, the car’s maximum speed has been restricted to 200kmph. The modified DC Avanti is priced at INR 29 lakh, making it the most affordable open roof car in the Indian auto market.

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