These Are the Best Examples of Modified Ford Ikon in India

by Vivaan Khatri | 13/07/2020
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Ford Ikon is no longer on offer in the used car market. However, there are still various units of this model available in the used car market. The car also attracts mod fans. Here are the three best modified Ford Ikon in India.

Ford Ikon was launched in India back in 1999. The car was developed for the India market and other developing markets. This sedan had been on sale for 11 years before it went out of production in 2011. Even though the car was able to attract a number of followers when it first entered the market, its appeal started to reduce and hit its low in its later years. The car has disappeared in the new car market for almost a decade now. However, there are still a number of remaining models circulating in the used car market. These models are available at a low price, which can still attract a large number of buyers with a small budget.


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However, these Ford Ikon’s design is outdated if compared to today’s standard. One suggestion to refresh the Ford Ikon is to carry out modification on this sedan. Luckily, we have seen a couple of successfully modified Ford Ikon before. IndianAuto will give some good example of good-looking modified Ford Ikon.

Modified Ford Ikon by Grease Monkey Automotives

This modified unit must be one of the most beautiful modified Ford Ikon we have ever seen. It was done by Grease Monkey Automotives. The sedan has undergone a comprehensive makeover that changed the look of the outdated model completely.

modified ford ikon with vinyl wrap front end

This modified Ford Ikon adops a shiny new look with a custom vinyl wrap

The top of the sedan was removed, turning the car into a sleek and stylish convertible. This Ford Ikon also receives a stunning vinyl car wrap that adds shine to the Ford Ikon. On the front, the sedan-turn-convertible car comes with aftermarket DRL with running indicators. For the interior, the Ford Ikon gets a leather wrap for the car seat. On the rear end, the Ford Ikon is equipped with wing spoiler that enhances the sporty appeal of the car.

modified ford ikon with vinyl wrap rear end

The roof of the Ikon was removed, reverting this sedan into a convertible

Modified Ford Ikon by DC Design

The second modified Ford Ikon comes from DC Design, one of the well-known car mod companies in India. DC Design is known for its daring designs and the following Ford Ikon is not an exception. Called the Ikoncept, the modified sedan designed by DC Design gets a unique appearance. Similar to the previous modified Ford Ikon, this car comes with a roof-less design. The original four-seat setting also made way for the two-seat arrangement. Apart from removing the top of the Ford Ikon, DC Design also replaces the front bumper with an aftermarket unit. The car comes with bright yellow custom paint in combination with a black element for the front grille. With these comprehensive updates, the Ford Ikon was turned into a sleek sports car.

modified ford ikon dc design side profile

This Ford Ikon design done by DC Design is a daring car with supercar look  


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Modified Red Ford Ikon

Compared to the two modified Ford Ikon above, this customized version does not come with such a bold and daring design. However, this design car will be more suitable for daily usage and budget-friendly. The Ford Ikon receives some simple retouches including an aftermarket bumper and a rear lip spoiler with carbon fibre finish. The new front bumper transforms the fascia of the Ford Ikon into an aggressive

Modified Ford Ikon - Red Beast

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