Hindustan Contessa Electric Car Concept Looks Alluring

by Mohammed Burman | 16/08/2020
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Recently, an electric car concept based on the Hindustan Contessa has been designed by a group of enthusiasts. Read on to discover full details

Being an iconic car, the Hindustan Contessa is still available in many well-maintained examples despite being discontinued in 2002 due to declining sales number and the introduction of more modern cars after remaining in the market for quite some time.  Nevertheless, an electric car concept version of the Contessa has been digitally created by a group of enthusiasts, Mightyseed.

hindustan contessa ev front


2020 HM Contessa Electric Concept Digitally Imagined

Based on the Vauxhall Victor, the stock Contessa always reminds the Indian people of the American muscle cars. Therefore, the team has decided to keep this identity intact. While no plans to bring back the Contessa name in the foreseeable future is available, this concept is made with a view to giving you an idea of how the electric version of the Hindustan Contessa will look.

The general look of the stock Contessa has been kept unchanged since this electric sedan also looks muscular enough. The EV comes with a bold front with polishing grille and LED headlights. On the side profile, the vehicle gets a flowing styling with large window areas and a two-door system. The car runs on a package of large rims. The concept car has a very interesting rear with a sloping down design which extends from the B-pillar to the taillights. A sunroof is also available, which has been made compulsory in most modern cars. The rear of the car bears a strong resemblance to that of a Porsche vehicle. Two taillights serve as the turn indicators. The ground clearance of the concept car is much lower than the stock vehicle but the length of the former is longer than that of the latter. Overall, the concept electric car looks contemporary and elegant.

hindustan contessa ev side profile

hindustan contessa ev rear

hindustan contessa ev sunroof


Restored HM Contessa With Red Paint & Chrome Elements Is A Looker

Some of you may wonder whether the Hindustan Contessa EV will ever be produced. The home-groan automaker is unlikely to bring the Contessa name back to the Indian auto market. However, the rights of “Ambassador” nameplate have already been sold to Peugeot, who may use the name for one of its future vehicles. Electric cars are becoming more and more popular in India, which is one of the incentives for many automakers to launch their EVs in the market. We do hope the 'Contessa' returns in an all-new, electric avatar. 

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