Modified Honda Accord Low-rider Looks Fierce

by Vivaan Khatri | 22/08/2019
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This modified Honda Accord looks stunning with a low-rider look and a new blue exterior paint.

IndianAuto has introduced plenty of modified projects based on entry-level cars to you. However, when it comes to the premium segment, there are significantly less customized vehicles largely because not many people can risk modifying an expensive car into something unusual. That being said, a more premium car usually makes a good material for car makeover and the result is usually overwhelmingly stunning. Recently, GOKZ Motography introduced a modified version of the Honda Accord, Honda’s flagship sedan in the India market. Honda Accord and Honda Civic are two popular sedans from the Japanese carmaker. Both of these models are favourite subjects for the modification circuit despite being quite expensive purchases. Watch the video of the customized Honda Accord by GOKZ Motography below.

Slammed Accord in India | 360 Motoring Kollam

This Honda Accord is given a complete makeover from the front to the rear end. The custom job has fully transformed the Accord from a premium, matured sedan into a flashy and youthful low-rider car. The modifiers have put on the Accord a blazingly blue coat that is highlighted by the golden shade of the repainted alloy wheels. Besides, this Honda Accord is also fitted with low profile tires and aftermarket red brake callipers. The combination of golden wheels and blue exterior paint creates a distinctive look for this Honda Accord.

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Apart from new colour scheme, this Honda Accord also receives other extensive exterior modifications. At the front end, this sedan is redesigned to look bolder and more aggressive. The stock headlights are replaced by custom units with integrated LED DRLs. The fascia features a new dominant grille and faux side air intakes. Another major factor contributing to the transformation of the Honda Accord is the use of aftermarket low-rider body kit manufactured by 360 Motoring. A bumper lip is added to enhance the sporty low-rider look.

honda accord modified blue

Honda Accord is modifed with a new exterior and a new air suspension system

To the side of the customized Honda Accord, apart from the restyled wheels, it also sports a couple of new styling elements, including side skirts that significantly lower the stance of the Accord. On the rear end, the custom job is taken to a new level with a refreshed bumper with a sleek diffuser and twin exhaust pipes as well as a black-out tailgate and spoiler mounts.

The custom job is not limited to cosmetic changes. Besides these exterior updates, this Honda Accord also receives an air-suspension system built by N1Concept. This mechanical update costs quite an amount of money, however, the result is rewarding. The new suspension system provides the benefit of an adjustable ride height that allows easy adapting to different surfaces. This feature, in most cases, is available on the high-end sports car. With this new suspension system, the modified Honda Accord can comfortably travel on Indian roads. All in all, the modification job on the Honda Accord not only gives the car a stunning new look but also a leveraged performance.

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