Modified Jeep Compass SUVs of India

by Harish Kumar | 18/07/2019
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The cheapest SUV in Jeep India's lineup has quickly become a favourite model in the car modification world. Here are the five hottest modified Jeep Compass SUVs in India that will leave a strong impression on you.

When the Jeep Compass first hit its showroom in India in July 2017, the SUV has quickly become a big sales driver for Jeep India since the early days. The Compass was introduced in the Indian market as the most affordable Jeep car and it has garnered quite a decent popularity among the Indian car fanatics. With the growing numbers of Jeep Compass SUVs in the local market, consumers are customizing the SUV to add more personalities to the vehicle and set it apart from the rest. Here we’ve concluded 5 hot modified Jeep Compass models in India that you will never want to miss.

5 Hottest Modified Jeep Compass SUVs of India

1. More Powerful

In the stock form, the Jeep Compass is quite a powerful car with its diesel heart. In truth, the Jeep Compass is among few SUVs in India to be powered by a 2.0-litre Fiat-sourced MultiJet diesel engine, which is capable of making a mighty power of 173 HP and 350 Nm of peak torque. Aside from that, it also gets an option of 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol motor producing 170 HP and 250 Nm of torque. However, the Compass’s customers seem to have an insatiable appetite for more power, to be honest.

modified jeep compass front three quarters right side

This modified Jeep Compass is such an example. Wolf Moto has modified this SUV with an ECU tuning box that enables 210 BHP of power and 425 Nm of torque, posting an 18% increase over the stock version – Quite a good number to make the car tear the tarmac. However, keep in mind that such modifications, albeit giving more power, will always bring down the fuel mileage of the vehicle.

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2. Body Kit

jeep compass modified body kit

For some who do not want to alter the regular Compass model drastically, the body kit seems to be a good choice. This Compass has been kitted out with a new body kit comprising of the new red front bumper that takes huge inspirations from that of the Jeep Compass Trailhawk. Though it does not spice up things substantially compared to the regular Compass version, it surely gives the car a much better look. The red highlights on the bumper roll out a contrasting effect with the body paint shade, adding more to the sportiness appeal of the vehicle. The rear bumper of this modified Jeep Compass also gets similar inserts but without the red highlights. It is reported that this body kit will cost you somewhere around Rs 20,000.

3. Lowered Model

customised jeep compass suv blue colour front angle

We all know that the Indian roads are not providing favourable conditions for the lowered cars and SUVs. However, in the car modification market, people hardly care. The Jeep compass here has been equipped with Eibach Pro-kit lowering springs along with upgraded 18-inch Radi8 wheels, all the ways to enhance the aggressive stance to the standard Jeep Compass.

This modified car also experiences a custom paint job with the presence of a deep blue scheme. This brighter blue shade is not available the regular version and it bears a striking difference and uniqueness to the Compass SUV.

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4. Wrap It Up!

jeep compass customisation blue wrap

This time around, for any car owners who do not want to touch on the original painting of the Compass but still enthuse a whole new look to the vehicle, the quickest and easiest way is to wrap it up. Here it is – a Jeep Compass SUV wrapped in a nice deep blue shade that has increased the premium quotient of the car to a higher extent. Even the roof of the car also gets a black wrap, creating a dual-tone effect to the model. It is worth noting that, wrapping a car is legal, and it does not require any change in your Registration Certificate. In other words, wrapping is a much safer solution than repainting the entire vehicle.

5. Kit Up

customised jeep compass kit up red colour front angle

Kit Up is quite a famous customization house based out in the Southern part of India. Through the hands of Kit Up’s mechanists, the Jeep Compass here gets a number of changes to make it look more distinctive on the roads. While the stock version of the Jeep Compass offers a lot of dual-tone body parts, they have been altered into body-coloured parts for a more interesting look. Also, this modified Jeep Compass also comes with dual-tone black roof, which is only offered with the top-end variant of the vehicle in the stock form. Therefore, people now can spend less money buying a lower variant of the Compass and get the dual-tone treatment on the roof at the same time.

The headlamps of the Compass has been converted into the HID units while the stock halogen fog lamps have been updated to the LED ones as well. Finally, to spice things up, the car gets an SRT badge at the back, making the whole settings more premium by a margin. So, here are the five most attractive modified Jeep Compass SUVs that you can find in India. For more such interesting stories about car modification in India, stay tuned and keep yourself updated with IndianAuto.

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