Here's a Modified Kia Seltos With BESPOKE Rear-seat Entertainment System

by Vivaan Khatri | 17/09/2020
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This is the first Kia Seltos to come with a rear-seat entertainment system we have ever seen. Let's see what this system has to offer.  

Kia Seltos was launched last year as the first product from the South Korean car manufacturer in the Indian market. Thanks to the sporty styling, fully-equipped interior and attractive pricing, this SUV has quickly become one of the best selling cars in the compact SUV space. Due to the growing popularity of the Kia Seltos, the demand for aftermarket accessories for this SUV also increases. Right now, there are a plenty accessory options available for the Kia Seltos owners to choose from. We have also seen a couple of customized Kia Seltos until now. IndianAuto will give you a tour around the newest modified Seltos with a fascinating entertainment system for the rear passengers.

First Kia Seltos With Rear Seat Entertainment System

On a recent video uploaded on Musafir Aka Joshi’s Youtube Channel, we are introduced to possibly the first Kia Seltos to get a rear-seat entertainment system in India. Throughout the video, the vlogger shows us how the entertainment display is installed and explains details of this modification project.


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The Kia Seltos in question is equipped with two aftermarket 12.25-inch screens with Android compatibility for the rear row compartment. The new screens are mounted on the back of the front seat headrests. The two screens are installed separately, allowing each screen to play different video. It also means that each passenger can play videos to their likings. If the rear passengers want to play the same content on both screens, you can use the HDMI cable to connect the two displays. Moreover, rear seat occupants can adjust the tilted screen to find the right angle to view the video. Besides video playing function, the screens are also installed with ambient lighting setup which adds spice to the interior design.

kia setlos rear seat

This rear-seat infotainment system costs around Rs 45,000

As what is revealed on the video, the display features a high image quality and good fit and finish. It can also act as an Android tablet with sufficient internet connectivity. The same dual-display setting for the rear passenger is available on the MPV Kia Carnival. However, the price of the Kia Carnival is way beyond the price range of regular compact SUVs. It is revealed that the rear-seat entertaining system cost around Rs 45,000.


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If you are considering installing the same system for your own car, it is worth noticing that the instalment of such accessories might affect the warranty of the car. Before you decide to do any customization job, make sure that it will not conflict with the warranty condition.

The stock version of the Kia Seltos is already fully-loaded with a host of entertainment and comfort features. On the top-spec model, Kia Seltos comes with a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Kia UVO connectivity system, a 7-inch multi-information display, 8-inch head-up display, eight-speaker Bose surrounding audio system as well as an air purifier, ambient lighting and more.

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