Modified Mahindra Bolero 6-Wheel-Drive Gets Luxury Passenger Lounge

by Vivaan Khatri | 30/07/2019
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This modified Mahindra Bolero comes with an extra wheel axle and separated and super-comfort lounge for the interior.

Mahindra Bolero has built its name as one of the most popular Jeep-inspired MUV in India for almost a decade. The rugged design of the Mahindra Bolero also provides good material for a custom job, which makes it quite popular in the modified circuit as well. Recently, SD Nakodar, a custom garage specialized in customizing off-roaders, has introduced a new and unique modified Bolero. The customised model represents an unlikely combination of the robust, aggressive look of an off-road vehicle and the modern touch of technologies and comfort functions. The modification job not only leverages the comfort of the car but also transforms the car mechanically.

6x6 Modified Mahindra Bolero

One crucial part of the transformation is the comprehensively updated chassis. Originally, the Mahindra Bolero is a 4-wheel-drive system. SD Nakodar has added a new axle to the chassis and turned the car into a six-wheel model. However, it still remains to be seen if the power is be delivered to all three axles, in other words, if the car sports a true 6-wheel-drive system.

Inspired by the Jeep, this Mahindra Bolero is given a new grille with Jeep badge, new headlight and an aftermarket front bumper. The exterior is also repainted with a new dark military green paint. To the rear end, it is added with a hinge for mounting the spare tyre. To access the cabin from the back, one can open the hinged carrier.

mahindra bolero modified three quarter

Mahindra Bolero looks more aggressive with the newly-added two wheels

Apart from the notable third axle, the exterior is nothing well out of the ordinary. However, the modified cabin is totally different from your common conception of a regular off-roader. The new cabin offers a high level of comfort thanks to various interior updates. One of the highlights is the new diamond stitch upholstery covering the all over the place, adding an exclusive and premium vibe to the interior. On the other hand, the seats are now wrapped in leather. Both the front and second row are front-facing while the third row follows the side-facing setting.

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mahindra bolero modified interior lounge

The modified Bolero comes with the exclusive and premium lounge

The cabin is divided into two separate rooms. The driver cabin now sports an aftermarket suspending touchscreen infotainment system. The new touchscreen display also shows the live record from the reverse camera. The second part of the cabin is practically a lounge that is mostly associated with luxury cars. This lounge comes with a TV mounted on the partition. Under the big TV screen is a small display on which you can control the TV. To cool off temperature, aftermarket AC vents are mounted on the roof.

Mahindra Bolero is about to receive major updates to comply with the new BSVI emission norms. The new Bolero has recently received BSVI-readiness certification, becoming the first MUV in India to pass the new standards. The updated version will go on sale in early 2020.

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