This Modified Maruti Baleno Can Clock 200 kmph!

by Jatin Chhibber | 31/08/2020
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Here, we have a video of a now-defunct Maruti Baleno sedan, which has been modified to produce in excess of 170 hp and is capable of touching a top whack of 200 kmph

The first-gen Maruti Baleno was among the sportiest models in the carmaker’s stable at that time. It was also popular among the rallyists because of its punchy 1.6-litre gasoline motor. The old Baleno has its own fanbase and the new model of the Baleno is nothing compared to its previous version. Here’s a first-gen Maruti Baleno, which gets subtle modifications outside and some major customizations under the hood.  


Modified Maruti Baleno Diesel Gets Ceramics Coat, LOOKS STUNNING

Here’s the first video of this Maruti Baleno, where one can see the car touches almost 200 kmph mark. In the video, you can see in the video that the sporty sedan easily crosses 180 kmph, with the speedo needle fast going towards the end of the speedometer. The RPM of the car is around 6000rpm, and it has still not touched redline. This simply means that the car can easily touch the end of the speedometer if the road conditions allow. The 1.6-litre petrol motor of the car has been tuned to produce 170bhp of power output. It gets a Unichip Piggyback ECU, KKK K03 Turbo upgrade with a custom intercooler, Raj Hingorani Side Exhaust System, Low Compression Piston, Forged Rods, K&N Intake system and 800cc injectors. Moreover, it also features a custom Rickbrook Push Start Button, which is similar to the one you see on a sportscar.



Mahindra Scorpio VS Maruti Baleno In A Drag Race

Furthermore, this Maruti Baleno also employs Willwood brake callipers with ventilated rotors and Hotbits adjustable suspension. Talking about the cosmetic upgrades, the car gets Hella Black Magic Auxiliary lamps, matter black colour shade, custom hood scoop, Bride racing seats with Takata Racing Harness, 16-inch 7.5J Karwerkz rims wrapped in 205/40/17 Hanook Ventus Rubber. The stock 1.6-litre powertrain of the first-gen Maruti Baleno developed 94 PS of peak power and 130 Nm of twisting force. It was quite popular among the driving enthusiasts around the country. While all these customizations must have costed the owner a bomb, there's no denying the unique charm of this modified Maruti Baleno. What do you think? 

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