Here Are 3 Red Hot Modified Maruti Baleno Cars From Across India

by Kshitij Rawat | 18/04/2020
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Check out our list of three beautifully modified examples of the hot-selling Maruti Baleno

India’s bestselling premium hatchback is popular among custom car shops as well! Plenty of people like to buy a Baleno simply because of the aftermarket potential of the car! Although Maruti Swift has a wider mod-base, there are plenty of custom Balenos that look more beautiful. Of course, the slightly bigger dimensions and slightly-more proportionate design help in that regard. Here are a few of the best examples of modified Maruti Baleno we’ve come across online. These are pretty, and these are all red!

Custom Baleno Bodykit by Grid7 customs

Modified Maruti Baleno by Grid7 Customs

Modified Maruti Baleno by Grid7 Customs

The cherry-red Maruti Baleno in the picture above has been customised by Grid7 customs, a car shop based in Kochi, Kerala. The car features XP Minisuper V3 projector headlights, with custom LED DRLs. Apart from that, the front bumper, grille, and fog lamps also have been modified. Other changes to the car include a performance exhaust and new 17-inch wheels on all fours.


Here is a Maruti Baleno Delta Model that Looks Hotter than the RS Version

Wrapped Baleno by Dhana Stickers

Modified Maruti Baleno by Dhana Stickers

Modified Maruti Baleno by Dhana Stickers

The above example has been prepared by Dhana Stickers, a Chennai-based vinyl and sticker shop. The car features a full-body wrap on its exterior, with blacked-out pillars and roof, and wine-red wrap on the rest of the body. The car also features custom alloy wheels with multi-spoke design. Needless to say, the car looks ‘intoxicating’. Apart from these aesthetic changes, the car doesn't seem to have any other significant modification.


Here's a Low-rider Modified Maruti Swift

Low Rider Baleno by Grid7 customs

Modified Maruti Baleno by Grid 7 Customs

Another modified Maruti Baleno by Grid7 Customs

Here, we have another modified Maruti Baleno by Grid7 Custom, but this one is a relatively extensive mod-job. The changes to the car include a Samurai Body kit, Vossen alloy wheels, Brembo brakes (front wheels), and a performance exhaust. The car has been lowered a few inches, and gets a blacked-out lip-spoiler at the front. There are subtle side-skirts at the side as well. The A-and B-pillars are also blackened, as is the roof. Overall, the car looks extremely racy, like a proper performance hatchback.

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