This Subtly Modified Maruti Gypsy Looks as BOLD as a new Mahindra Thar

by Harish Kumar | 27/10/2020
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Here is an example of a subtly modified Maruti Gypsy that goes on to arguably look as rugged as the new Mahindra Thar

For the fans of small off-roaders, the Maruti Gypsy is among the most iconic models ever. While it is quite sad that the Maruti Gypsy’s era came to an end last year, the Gypsy still goes strong in the used car and modified car market. Hence, one might still easily buy a Maruti Gypsy. What's even better is that it's particularly easy to modify the off-roader and make it look as bold as, say, the new Mahindra Thar. Here's an example - 

This Subtly Modified Maruti Gypsy Looks as BOLD as a new Mahindra Thar

Back in the time when it was still on sale, the Maruti Gypsy received much love from both off-roading and car modification enthusiasts. We even saw the iconic SUV in many varying roles, such as those of army, police, ambulance, government convoy vehicles among others. It is one of the most favourite go-anywhere off-roaders than off-road enthusiasts crave for. So, no surprise, then, that the Gypsy goes hand in hand with modifications. Among a bunch of examples of modified Maruti Gypsy SUVs around the country, IndianAuto brings you a nicely-done modified Gypsy that looks more radical and rugged than the regular car. 


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In its original form, the Maruti Gypsy has been quite a looker. However, this modified Gypsy even elevates things to a higher level, especially in a coat of loud orange paint. In the video that we have here, you can even hear the engine rumbling excitingly when it’s started, showing all eagerness for a fun-filled long drive. The front bumper of the modified Gypsy looks cool enough as the regular unit has been replaced by a more distinctive triangular steel structure which not only enhances its aggressive styling but also functions as a bull bar.


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modified maruti gypsy front three quarters

If you think that a modified SUV should wear an array of auxiliary lamps or LED bars to get a better look, you’ll change your opinion when looking at this modified Maruti Gypsy. In fact, looking at this particular model, we wonder if having auxiliary lights or LED bars would have ruined the clean-yet-butch look of the vehicle. Meanwhile, the modifiers have made the stock headlamps look more distinctive by fixing black a cross over each of them.

modified gypsy side angle

Looking at the sides of the modified Maruti Gypsy, you’ll notice a minimal amount of changes. The Gypsy receives some body decals and stickers at the side and that’s all. Nevertheless, the biggest talking point here big and butch off-road spec wheels and tires. These tires give the SUV enough grip to climb up the hills. A similar recipe has been applied to the rear end of the modified Gypsy. Almost everything remains untouched with a huge spare wheel mounted on the tailgate. Interestingly, the rear bed features stock seats on them, which is certainly a departure from what other modified Gypsys have on offer.

modified gypsy front three quarters image 3

The Maruti Gypsy gets a simple-looking interior, as well as no sort of comfort goodies but what it does offer is an array of off-road capabilities and utility that helps the car not hesitate to go off the beaten tarmac. This is also the biggest core strength of the Maruti Gypsy. The production of the Maruti Gypsy was stopped in 2019 but there are good chances of the Jimny coming in as a replacement, albeit, in a 5-door format.  

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