Modified Maruti Omni “Black Devil” Looks MENACING

by Vivaan Khatri | 14/10/2020
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This modified Maruti Omni is called Black Devil. This van's extreme makeover will make you forget all about original design of the Omni.

Maruti Omni was a very popular utilitarian van in India market. The small van gained the trust of many Indian customers. The car has always remembered as a reliable and practical workhorse for Indian families. However, this deeply-rooted image of the Maruti Omni will be flipped entirely after you meet the Maruti Omni Black Devil.



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The modification of the Maruti Omni Black Devil is done by Carbon Automotive, a South-India-based custom garage. This modified Maruti Omni brings out a different side of the conventional van design. As the name suggests, this Omni is wrapped in all-black exterior colour. Even though the traditional van silhouette is retained, the new colour scheme has significantly improved the look of the Omni and made it look sportier.


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Apart from the new black wrap, this Maruti Omni also receives a host new exterior updates. For example, on the front end, the stock bumper is replaced by an aftermarket unit, delivering a new butch design. It also gets custom headlights with projector lights and growling red-eye design. This design element sits well with the concept of “Black Devil”.  

The side profile of this van is added with skid plates and custom alloys. One thing that will capture your eyes is the instalment of a luggage carrier on the roof, which is a bonus point for the Maruti Omni in terms of practicality. In addition, to make the car appear sportier, Carbon Automotive has lowered the ground of this Maruti Omni.

The interior of the Maruti Omni also receives some significant updates which are in line with the exterior makeover. The entire seat cover of the car wears a new shade of red, which is another reminder of the "Black Devil" theme.

Apart from these cosmetic updates, the Maruti Omni also gets a set of up to six exhaust pipes. We suppose that some of them are faux. But based on the new loud and husky note of the exhaust system, it is believed that some of them are real. Once again, this update clearly does its part in expressing the overall Black Devil theme. All these details have worked harmoniously and consistently together to bring in a new image of the Maruti Omni which you will never expect it to be.


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Maruti Omni was introduced the first time back in 1984 under the name "Maruti Van". This vehicle was renamed to “Maruti Omni” in 1988. This name had been retained until the van went out of production last year due to the implementation of new safety norms. Maruti Omni is one of the iconic nameplates that have established Maruti Omni as the leading carmaker in India.

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