SUPERCOOL Modified Maruti S-Presso with Premium LED Headlights Imagined

by Kshitij Rawat | 11/03/2020
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Here, we have a digitally modified Maruti S-Presso, rendered with LED Headlamps and a few cosmetic changes, making the car look rugged and tough.

The car modification trend is fast catching up in India. While some people prefer their art to be tangible, others prefer to work digitally. The latter not only helps you modify a car without owning it, but it also ensures you have greater control over your art. Below, we have a Maruti S-Presso digitally customised to look more handsome than the stock model.

Modified Maruti Suzuki S-Presso | concept fascination

In the video above, posted by the YouTube channel “concept fascination”, we can see the artist pick a stock image of a bright orange S-Presso. The first thing to change is the front grille. The chrome-plated, shark-teeth projections are replaced by a simpler, cleaner, all-black unit with a singular thin horizontal slat in the middle. After that, it’s the turn of the headlamps. The stock units are reduced and sharpened, redesigned to feel like an extension of the front grille. The artist then adds an LED strip around each headlamp unit, giving it a sleek and modern look.

Modified Maruti S Presso

Modified Maruti Suzuki S-Presso (Rendering)

After that, the front bumper is redone almost completely. A major part of the front air-dam is shut, leaving just a relatively small opening under the number plate. The car is also given an ‘off-road touch’ by raising the bumper. The steel wheels are then replaced by deep-dish, dual-tone alloy wheels. There are small, light-duty roof rails added at the end, presumably for mounting auxiliary lights and light luggage tied down by bungee cords. The entire transformation is sped up in the video, thus shortening it to exactly a quarter to two minutes, making for extremely easy and untaxing viewing.

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As for the stock Maruti S-Presso, it is powered by a 1.0-litre naturally-aspirated inline-3 petrol engine, with an optional CNG kit. The motor generates a maximum power of 68 PS and a peak torque of 90 Nm, which drops to 59 PS and 78 Nm when running on CNG. There are two transmission choices available- a 5-speed manual, and a 5-speed AMT.

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