Modified Renault Duster Gifted To The Vatican

by Mohammed Burman | 02/12/2019
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A Renault Dacia Duster, which has been modified to suit the papal needs, was gifted to the Vatican.

A Dacia Duster has been presented to Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, by Renault. The budget SUV has been thoroughly modified to suit the papal demands. The modification job has been implemented by Special Needs Team and Dacia’s Prototype department in collaboration with Romanian coachbuilder Romturingia.

renault duster popemobile with its modifiers

The Renault Dacia Duster has been modified by well-known modifiers in the world

The new vehicle comes with the same five-seater configuration as the normal Duster, but it gets an extremely comfortable rear bench to ensure a comfortable travel experience for the passengers after long public parades. The vehicle is also equipped with roof-mounted grab handles, a large sunroof, and a removable transparent display box which enables the crowds to have better look at his Holiness. The uniquely customized Duster gets a white exterior paint scheme and leather interiors. Its suspension has also been lowered by up to 30 mm for easier entrance and exit.

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renault duster popemobile white front angle

This Renault Duster has been thoroughly modified to suit the papal needs

The vehicle was delivered to the Vatican by Groupe Renault Italy’s General Manager, Xavier Martinet, and Groupe Renault Romania’s managing director, Christophe Dridi. This is not the first time that the Pope has had experience with Dacia. In 2016, he travelled in an original Logan sedan when paying a visit to Armenia.

renault duster popemobile white with Pope Francis

Pope Francis is well-known for his modest lifestyle with modest vehicles like the Renault Duster

Pope Francis is well-known for his modest and frugal way of living, which is different from that of his predecessors who travelled in luxury vehicles such as Range Rover and Mercedes-Benz ones. In 2017, Pope was presented with a Lamborghini Huracán which got the Vatican’s official colours. After autographing and blessing the car, he donated it to charity. The car was finally sold for £630,000 (INR 5.81 crore) at a charity auction.

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