This Modified Renault Duster Is An Uber Cool Pickup

by Mohammed Burman | 12/10/2020
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This Renault Duster has been thoroughly modified into an off-road-ready single-cab pickup truck which looks really stylish

Being a popular SUV in India, the Renault Duster has created a certain amount of prestige in the country. For your information, the Renault Duster is sold as the Dacia Duster in many foreign markets like the UK and Europe. Actually, Dacia is a Romania subsidiary of Renault. Although not many impressively modified Renault Dusters are available in India, we can see many stunningly customized Dacia Dusters in the world.

modified dacia duster pickup truck front three quarters

In 2014, Dacia collaborated with a Romanian coachbuilder, Romturingia, to modify the Dacia Duster into a single-can pickup truck.  This aggressive pickup was manufactured in a limited number and is sure to be very capable. The vehicle is equipped with an H&R-sourced 2-inch lift kit and a custom Bilstein suspension. The stock bumpers have given way to custom heavy-duty ones from Mudster. They are complete with a stinger bar and an electric winch in the front and a towing hook in the rear. While the headlights remain unchanged, the stock taillights have been replaced with new custom LED units. To enhance the vehicle’s underwater capabilities, a snorkel has also been added to its front.

modified dacia duster pickup truck rear three quarters


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On the side profile, the modified Dacia Duster features a vinyl with a compass-like styling with the lettering “Duster” boldly mounted between the wheel arches. The vehicle runs on 16-inch wheels with BG Goodrich all-terrain tyres, which helps improve its off-road capabilities. It features an LED auxiliary light bar on the roof to help improve the driver’s visibility at night. Bed bars are also integrated with the stock roll cage. In the rear, a custom tailgate in the form of iron bars is fitted with a spare wheel. Finally, the black bars on the body of the car gives a contrasting appeal to the overall blue paint scheme, which contributes to its aggressive look.


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Whether there have been any alterations to the powertrains of the modified Dacia Duster or not remains unknown. The stock Dacia Duster receives its power from a 1.5-litre 4-cyl turbo oil burner which can generate 110 HP against 240 Nm. The transmission duties are undertaken by a 6-speed gearbox. The SUV comes with a 4WD system, which helps it have decent off-road capabilities in its stock form.

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