Best Modified Ritz Cars From Abroad

by Harish Kumar | 14/06/2020
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Maruti Ritz had been around the market for quite a long time before it's phased out but its spirit is still carried forward in the modification world. Here are the best examples of modified Ritz cars in India and abroad with details.

Maruti Ritz had been around the Indian market for quite a long time before Maruti Suzuki phased it out from the product lineup some years back due to poor sales and replaced it by the Ignis. In the new car market, the Maruti Ritz never matched the sales performance of its hatchback siblings like Swift or Celerio that causes to the production halt of the Ritz after the lifecycle of seven years. However, in the modified cars market of India, the Ritz is highly appreciated. Let's pay homage to the Ritz with these best-looking modified Ritz cars of India.

1. Modified Maruti Ritz with Scissor Doors

Scissor door is one of the most daring car design that Lamborghini has introduced to the world for almost a decade. As it looks extremely stylish, scissor doors have become a hot favourite modification on vehicles and this Ritz gets just the same. In truth, this is an example of a modified Ritz car in Indonesia. The car owner has given the Ritz (known as Splash in the country) a pair of scissor doors that looks really impressive.

modified ritz with scissor door front three quarters

The way of opening the door upwards instead of outwards is just eye-catching. Other than that, the car’s bonnet has been modified to get a different way to open as well. Also, the modified Ritz has been lowered a bit to give it a sportier look. Some aftermarket features like new rims or a new body kit are also added, making the Ritz none other than a super sports car.


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2. Yellow Modified Ritz

yellow modified ritz car front angle

The next model in the list of best modified Ritz cars is gorgeous-looking yellow-coloured Ritz/ Splash. The car looks bright with a shade of yellow on the outside while the purple interior them does make a premium and upmarket look. Like the earlier Ritz car, the car has been excessively lowered for a meaner look.

3. Black Beast

modified ritz car black beast front three quarters

If you are a fan of black, you’ll fall in love with his completely blacked-out modified Maruti Ritz at first sight. It appears that the international Ritz’s car owners have a keen interest on the lowered look as combined with two earlier cars, this modified Ritz car gets a lower stance that fits well with the black shade. Apart from that, not much has been done to the modified vehicle, except for the custom rims but the Ritz itself stands out enough.


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4. Candy Car

micky mouse modified ritz car

Cars are often more popular among men than women and a female modified car enthusiast is even a rare sight. Here, we have this rare example of sorts. This owner must have been obsessed with Mickey Mouse as the modified Ritz car wraps all of its cuteness in a candy blue body wrap. Mickey theme is also what we see on the interior of the vehicle, making it an ideal car for women indeed. Aside from the visual changes, the Ritz gets a custom lower suspension setup that is capable of handling camber change.

5. Modified Ritz car by Big Daddy

modified ritz car by big daddy front angle

Big Daddy has been well-known for modifying a lot of cars and this modified Ritz is among them. The biggest cosmetic changes on the Ritz is a set of new smoked-out headlamps with LEDs underneath it, stylish custom alloy wheels, revised bonnet, rear diffuser and a pair of blacked-out taillamps.


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6. Modified Ritz by Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki introduced the Zephyr concept of the Ritz at the Auto Expo 2010 that managed to garner many eyeballs from the show-goers at that time. The customized Ritz features a large grille, wide central air vents, new flog lamps cluster and smoked-out headlamps at the front, giving the Ritz a massive front look.

modified ritz car loud golden front angle

At the rear, new dual exhaust pipes on either side of the model are the most prominent changes of the modified Ritz model. Under the loud gold skin, this modified Ritz looks none other than a luxury drive of the famous celebrities in India.

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