Suzuki Jimny mini-SUV Turned Into Pick-Up Truck

by Vivaan Khatri | 08/06/2020
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Suzuki Jimny has been now modified into a functional pick-up truck. This must be one of the boldest modifications of the Jimny ever.

Suzuki Jimny has instantly become a hit in many markets and has received significant attention even in other markets where it is not available yet. With such a quickly growing popularity, the off-road-focussed vehicle has become a regular object for modifications. Previously, we have seen a couple of Suzuki Jimny modifications where it has been reformed into a pickup truck. Even the car manufacturer has introduced an official modified pickup version of the Suzuki Jimny at the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Suzuki Jimny mini-SUV Turned Into Pick-Up Truck

Currently, in New Zealand, a pickup variant of the Jimny is being offered by Suzuki dealers. However, it is not an official offering from Suzuki but a body kit provided by the dealer. Also, there is no official statement from the carmaker regarding the possibility of a pickup Jimny going on sale. We will have to see what else the car mod community can do to this rugged mini-SUV to explore future variations. Recently, however, a modified pick-up Suzuki Jimny has captured the attention of many admirers across the globe. It is possibly among the boldest modified Suzuki Jimny we have ever seen so far.

suzuki jimny pickup truck side profile

This SUV-turned-pickup mod is developed by Shropshire Quads, a company located in South Shropshire, UK, which majors in modifying vehicles and providing car mod kits. The company created a similar modification on the previous version of the Suzuki Jimny. The recently-introduced modified Suzuki Jimny is based on the existing version of the car. The pickup conversion kit was ordered from the Suzuki Austria factory by the Shropshire Quads. The mod shop is also the only distributor of this kit in the UK market.

modified suzuki jimny-pickup truck

The rear portion of the Jimny was removed as a part of the transformation

The first step to converse the Jimny into a righteous pick-up truck was to cut off the rear of this SUV. In the process, the original tailgate is also removed and replaced with a removable door with high-quality door latches. After that, the mod kit steps in and adds a bulkhead panel to the rear along with a heated rear screen. On the side profile, this now-pick-up truck receives a plastic body cladding where the cabin meets the rear truck bed. The materials used to make the truck bed are stainless steel and aluminium. The Jimny now comes with bigger wheels wrapped in all-terrain tyres. The bigger wheels have improved the stance of the Jimny significantly. In our market, Maruti has been mulling the launch of the latest Jimny Sierra. However, it is unlikely that the new-gen 4WD SUV will come to our market in its current form. Instead, there is a rumour that a five-door version of this SUV will be introduced.

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