This Land Rover Defender is Actually a Skilfully Modified Tata Sumo

by Harish Kumar | 13/09/2020
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We’ve told you about many modified Tata Sumo examples but this modified Tata Sumo 4x4 is nothing like anything we've seen so far as it looks a lot like the classic Land Rover Defender.

Old is gold, the Tata Sumo is obviously one of the most iconic Indian SUV amongst the auto enthusiasts. While it’s sad that the Tata Sumo has been discontinued after 25 years of production, the vehicle is still going strong in the used car and modified cars markets up until today. We’ve been telling you a number of modified Tata Sumo examples in and outside India, this modified Tata Sumo 4x4 is one of a kind.

modified tata sumo front angle

As you may know, Tata Motors sold the Sumo simply in 4x2 version to the public while the 4x4 variants of the beast were once used in the Indian Army forces merely. If you are thirsty for a Sumo 4x4 SUV, this one has been smartly designed to have just that and even looks more extreme with Land Rover Defender’s inspirations. Being a work from a modification studio based in Hyderabad, this modified Sumo goes quite viral on the social platform. The SUV has received a number of modifications, especially at the front.


Here's a Pretty Attractive Modified Tata Sumo Grande

modified tata sumo front three quarters

The original front bumper of the modified Tata Sumo 4x4 has been replaced by the off-road spec steel one which now houses the integrated bulbar and LED lamps. It even features an aftermarket electrical winch that could be used to rescue other vehicles if they get stuck. The modified Tata Sumo also carries a refreshed headlamps that look better and similar to that of the old Land Rover Defender. In a bid to add a G-Wagen-inspired look to the modified Sumo, the modifier has kitted it out with turn indicators above the bonnet of the car too.


Old is Gold: History of Tata Sumo

The SUV also comes with blacked-out flared fenders along with massive off-road spec MT tyres at the sides. We can even spit the snorkel on the driver’s side that could be really of help enhancing the water-wading capabilities of the Tata Sumo. The same goes for bigger tyres.

modified tata sumo rear angle

On the inside, the modified Tata Sumo boasts of a reworked cabin that sports new custom seats along with some extra features on the dashboard. We are not sure what has been done under the skin of the Tata Sumo but given these above mod jobs, the Tata Sumo has received aftermarket 4x4 modifications for better off-roading skills as well.


Modified Cars in India: What Is Legal and What Is Not?

Do note that such modifications done on the Tata Sumo are not legal in India. The vehicle can be seized once it was caught by cops on the public roads. Still, one can get this modified Tata Sumo certified by RTO to make it legal to drive on the public roads but it’s a very lengthy and complicated process then.

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