Modified Toyota Innova Crysta with Race Concepts Suspension Compared with Stock Model [VIDEO]

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 24/08/2020
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Toyota Innova Crysta offers a decent ride quality. However, Race Concepts has introduced a new suspension setup for the MPV which improves it further. Take a look at it here.

Toyota Innova Crysta is the undisputable king of the MPV segment in India. It was first introduced in the country in the year 2005 without the Crysta suffix. Since then, it has been on sale to date. Although, it has received a couple of mid-life tweaks and generation changes along the way and the Crysta suffix, but the reliability quotient and ride comfort has been Innova’s USP for all these years. It is one of the most comfortable MPV on sale in the country today. That said, it for sure inherits the ride characteristics, which are typical to a ladder frame chassis-equipped car. But, it can be improved with the use of aftermarket suspension components. We came across a video that showcases something similar, wherein a custom suspension for the Innova Crysta is used to improve its overall dynamics.


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We came across this video via YouTube channel of Race Concepts, who are known for creating some of the most powerful Honda City VTECs in the country. In the video, it can be seen that an Innova Crysta with stock suspension component is put to test against another Innova Crysta, which now uses coil-overs and dampers from Race Concepts. According to the brand, these adjustable dampers give the Innova Crysta an alterable ride height. It can either be lowered by 60 mm or raised by 10 mm in comparison to the ride height of stock Innova Crysta.

Toyota Innova Crysta With Race Concept’s Suspension Offers Improved Ride Quality [VIDEO]

As a result, Innova Crysta fitted with Race Concepts' suspension components offer lesser body roll. Also, the nose dive has reduced by a fair amount, thus improving the braking performance of the car. The pitch and yaw movements have been decreased as well. Therefore, it now accelerates without much dip and squat. Additionally, the tighter dampers have reduced the tendency to wallow in comparison to the stock setup. All of this comes at no cost of reduced comfort. The suspension travel remains the same if the ride height is set identical to the factory settings. Talking of the cost, it has not been revealed yet, but Race Concepts offers a 2 year/unlimited km warranty on its suspension components.

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