Modified Toyota Innova For Sale, Cheaper Than New sub-4-meter SUV

by Vivaan Khatri | 20/09/2019
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A modified Toyota Innova is now on sale at the used car market at an attractive price of Rs 12.75 lakh.

Lounge cars are particularly luxury and expensive. The ultimate comfort of a lounge car is so irresistible that many people attempt to recreate their own lounge cars at low cost. IndianAuto has already introduced many car custom projects that turn regular cars into luxury lounge cars. DC Design has carried out various projects that turn regular models into cars with a premium lounge. Modified cars with lounge made by DC Design is of high quality. DC modified Mahindra Mazzaro with lounge even receives approval from Mahindra to be officially retailed via Mahindra’s authorized dealerships. Even though a car with customized lounge is cheaper than an authentic lounge car, it still costs a fortune for many. For that reason, Indian will give you a big surprise: Recently a modified Toyota Innova with lounge is now available in the used car market at a very budget-friendly price.

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The customized Toyota Innova here is a G variant, 2016 model. The car has been travelled over 53,500 km. It is now on sales at an asking price of only Rs 12.75 lakh. At this price, this Toyota Innova lounge car is actually more affordable than a brand new sub-four-meter Maruti Vitara Brezza or a Hyundai Venue.  

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Inside the Toyota Innova, the cabin is divided into two parts, the driver cabin and the rear lounge. A partition is set up to give complete privacy to the lounge section. For the driver cabin, everything is kept mostly intact, except for the addition of a new button which allows the driver to connect and talk to the passengers at the back via a mic. Since the new partition will block the rearview, a new screen is installed to show the live record from the newly-added reverse camera.

toyota innova modified car

The lounge of this modified Toyota Innova is equipped with various premium functions

The icing on the cake is the lounge room which we will explore now. As you can expect from a lounge car, there is a big TV screen installed on the partition to deliver first-class entertainment. The stock rear seats are replaced by new two electrically-adjustable lounge seats which can be controlled via a set of buttons on the door panels. To offer the best comfort for the lounge passengers, these seats feature removable leg supports which allow the occupants to stretch their legs and lie comfortably. Each of the seats gets a foldable table, two cup holders. Each passenger is also provided with two power inlets from which they can charge their laptops, phones and the likes. Besides these plush functions, the rear lounge area is styled with premium materials like wooden accent and leather across the room. The new ambient lighting system will create a luxurious atmosphere for the lounge cabin. Each detail of the lounge is of high quality and every update is done carefully.

Apart from the major lounge transform, the modified Toyota Innova also comes with some new exterior design details. On the outside, Toyota Innova features a revised grille, aftermarket bumper and a new body styling. The side profile now comes with new alloy wheels with red accent on the brake callipers and drums. To enhance the sporty look of the SUV, the rear is adorned with an after-market bumper and faux exhausted pipes. These newly added styling features make the Toyota Innova appear butch-up and sportier. For more car updates, visit

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