Insanely Modified Toyota Land Cruiser To Get 6x6 System

by Vivaan Khatri | 09/08/2019
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A Toyota Land Cruiser is modified with an added third axle, bringing in a 6x6 system that allows the car to travel almost everywhere.

A 4x4 driver system is a popular off-road option in the market. Many models that target off-road enthusiasts will include all-wheel-drive system option on their ranges. Generally, a normal driver would fell a glow of satisfaction with a 4x4 vehicle alone. However, carmakers with a drive to bring out the best driving experience can go extra miles and provide even a 6x6 drive system for hardcore off-road enthusiasts. One dream 6x6 model in the recent market is the unparalleled off-roader Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6X6. However, this model could cost you an arm and a leg and only a few can actually afford such an expensive pick-up vehicle. But in the car custom circuit, financial restraints cannot hold them back from getting the craziest driving experiences. Patriot Campers, an Australian off-road car custom garage, has introduced a 6x6 customized version of the Toyota Land Cruiser.

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This Is Why You Buy A 6x6 - PCOR Supertourer

The stock Toyota Land Cruiser originally comes with only 4x4 wheel drive. Under the hand of the customizers, the SUV is added with the third axle. The unique 6-wheel drive Toyota Land Cruiser is called SuperTourer 6x6. Each axle of this system will feature a locking differential that will give more grip to the SUV. The enhancement will leverage the offroad capacity of the Land Cruiser, allowing it to conquer virtually every terrain. Other than this, Patriot Campers also give this SUV a new remote reservoir suspension along with adjustable airbags. Plus, after modified, the Land Cruiser will sport an increased load capacity that goes up to 4.5 tonnes. It also gets aftermarket lightweight aluminium truck bed which will provide better corrosion resistance. Besides, it also helps to enhance loading capacity.

toyota land cruiser 6x6

Modified Toyota Land Cruiser is added with a third axle

Not only bearing outstanding mechanical updates, but this Toyota Land Cruiser also sees comprehensive cosmetic updates that make it look tougher and more aggressive. The front end of the Toyota Land Cruiser is completely modified with rugged bull bars. Two light bars are added to the front grille. Each headlight housing will get a light bar below. Even the bonnet is disguised with plastic cladding. On the right side, this Toyota Land Cruiser features a snorkel. To make room for greater storage, this Toyota Land Cruiser receives a roof rake. IndianAuto will show you fascinating car modifications in India as well in the world, keep following for more updates.

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