Modified Vehicles Get Stopped And Fined By Kerala Police

by Mohammed Burman | 11/04/2019
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Recently, a video that shows the Kerala police stop and fine modified vehicles which violate the government’s regulations has been released on the Internet.

Ever since the Indian government’s order which bans all kinds of customization on any vehicle came into effect, the police forces of many Indian cities have been conducting a crackdown on these vehicles. A video has recently been published on the 4X4 India Facebook group, showing Kochi police stop modified bikes and even a scooter that is equipped with an aftermarket seat.

Kochi Police cracks down modified scooters and bikes

As shown in the video, the police vehicle stops in the middle of the road and a team of police force gets out of the car to quickly stop modified scooters and motorcycles by taking their keys out. Some other vehicles almost manage to escape but the police is soon able to stop all the vehicles and take out all their keys. It can be indicated from the video that the alterations like aftermarket seats on two-wheelers can also be cracked down by the police. However, whether the two-wheelers in the video were taken away or were fined is still not known.

kerala police crack down on modified vehicles

The Kerala Police have started cracking down on modifed vehicles

The order issued by the Supreme Court of India states that any kind of modifications done to the vehicle which makes it different from the original version is banned. However, there is a problem here: the order did not state anything clearly about the modifications, which raises a lot of confusion and protests from the enthusiasts.

Interestingly, a few days ago, Kerala police came to an Auto Show organized by a college and fined ten customized bikes, which were owned by the participants and also displayed in the show. Modified vehicles are a common sight in Kerala. Many people refuse to comply with the new regulations but the authorities areyet to issue any official statement over this matter. As said, in comparison with other developed nations, modified vehicles in India are not as popular. In some foreign markets, customization on vehicles is legal as long as it is pursuant to the laws. However, in India, all types of modifications on vehicles have been forbidden. 

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