Nissan Kicks E-Power: All You Need To Know

by Mohammed Burman | 14/05/2020
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While the BS6-compliant 2020 Nissan Kicks is yet to launch in India, the Japanese automaker is ready to introduce the Nissan Kicks e-Power in Thailand on May 15.

The ongoing unfavourable situation has made the launch of many new models to be delayed; the Nissan Kicks e-Power is not an exception. Initially being planned to be launched in March, the postponements have pushed the introduction of this highly anticipated hybrid SUV in Thailand to tomorrow. Earlier, in May, the Japanese auto manufacturer also announced that the production of the Nissan Kicks with the e-Power drivetrain will soon commence in Thailand. Accordingly, Thailand will become the first country outside Japan to manufacture and make e-Power available to customers. A well-known auto portal in Thailand, Chobrod, which provides the auto customers with used cars and new car options, will not miss the chance to report news about the launch of this important vehicle and hence, you can safely stay tuned to the media outlet. Meanwhile this article will provide you with everything you need to know about this hybrid car.

Does the Nissan Kicks e-Power carry any design alterations?

A countdown clock has been started on Nissan website; a few exterior features through some images of the car have also been showcased with the caption “A new thrill is coming”, which refers to the brand-new Nissan Kicks e-Power. According to the teaser images, the new Nissan Kicks e-Power experiences quite a few alterations in comparison with the pre-facelift version.


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Specifically, the front of the Nissan Kicks e-Power gets a larger V-motion which bears a strong resemblance to that of the new-gen X-Trail, sharper headlamps, a redesigned front bumper and a more polishing air intake. On the side profile, the vehicle gets no tweaks except for all-new alloy rims with the greenhouse being kept intact. At the rear, the Nissan Kicks e-Power now comes with a new bumper which helps one differentiate the new model from the pre-facelift, which is equipped with an unpainted bumper. The interior features of the new Kicks e-Power have not been revealed yet, but we can expect that there will be some updates in this aspect as well.

nissan kicks e-power leaked

The Nissan Kicks e-Power receives quite a few tweaks against the pre-facelift version.

Which motor options will power the Nissan Kicks e-Power?

An “e-Power” branding can be seen on the tailgate, which indicates that the SUV will operate on the hybrid technology from Nissan. The Nissan Kicks e-Power keeps under its hood a 1.2-litre 3-cyl gasoline burner. Noteworthily, the motor does not drive the wheels but serves as a generator to power the EM57 electric motor. Two motors work in conjunction with each other and deliver a total output of 129 PS against 254 Nm. The e-Power is claimed to provide the driving excitement of an electric car for a long driving distance, thanks to its strong torque and quick acceleration without the requirement to be externally charged as the engine has exclusively implemented this task. More than 700,000 cars equipped with this technology have been on sale in Hong Kong and Japan. Commenting on the launch of the Nissan hybrid SUV, President of Nissan Thailand, Ramesh Narasimhan, stated,

"As leaders in electrification we decided to pledge to continue our timeline to bring this ground-breaking technology, e-POWER, to Thailand. This is because Nissan commits to Thailand and our employees, as the regional leader in driving the company’s vision for the electrification of mobility. And as a key global production and export hub for Nissan."

nissan kicks e-power motors


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Will the Nissan Kicks e-Power be launched in India?

The answer to the question is in affirmative. The Nissan Kicks e-Power is expected to be introduced to the Indian car market next year, perhaps with some alterations as compared to the Thailand-spec model. These changes will be made to ensure the SUV suits the Indian auto market. Nevertheless, the local launch is still a while away. Meanwhile, let’s look forward to the debut of the hybrid SUV in Thailand, which is going to take place at 19:00 ICT (17:30 IST), May 15, 2020.

nissan kicks e-power launch poster

The Nissan Kicks launch will take place in Thailand on May 15, 2020.

Above is everything we know about the Nissan Kicks e-Power at the mment. More information of this car will be revealed at the time of launch. You can stay tuned to for all the updates. 

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