What Does One Of The Most Popular Auto Portals In The Philippines, Philkotse.com, Offer?

by Mohammed Burman | 03/06/2020
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Today, we will have a look at one of the most popular auto portals in the Philippines, Philkotse.com, to see how it operates, what it offers. This will help us see if there is any room for improvement for IndianAuto in the foreseeable future.

Brief introduction about Philkotse.com

Being one of the most popular auto portals in the Philippines, Philkotse.com has a comprehensive auto database and advanced SEO technologies. The website serves as an ultimate online solution for selling and buying certified used and new vehicles. Based on the carefully implemented studies of customer preferences and behaviours along with the automotive industry’s characteristics, Philkotse.com utilizes a powerful design, user-friendly interface and many highly intuitive features, which helps simplify the car selling and purchasing process as well as optimizing user experience. The website also supports many platforms: web, wap and mobile app, which allows users to get access to many auto articles in the Indian auto industry and post a listing on many devices with the Internet connection. In the session below, we will discover some of the most outstanding features on Philkotse.com. Read on to discover.

philkotse homepage

Philkotse.com is one of the leading auto portals in the Philippines.


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Featured functions on Philkotse.com

Being one of the leading auto portals in the Philippines, Philkotse.com provides you with a wide variety of cars for sale in the country along with many featured functions. Some of the most outstanding of these are as follows:

Make an offer

Prices on Philkotse.com are not rigid. You do not like the prices posted along with the vehicles. The “Make an offer” function allows users to leave his/her basic personal information so that the sellers can contact you and further negotiation can be conducted.

Call seller now

The website provides you with one great feature “Call seller now”, which gives you the chance to communicate with the seller via the phone for further information regarding the car.

Price drop alert

The site makes sure that you can get access to the best price of the cars on offer. Therefore, they will give you an alert if there is any drop in prices.

Chat with seller

Philkotse.com is the first website in the auto industry to introduce the “Chat with seller” feature. Buyers can chat with the sellers for more information regarding the cars.

philkotse used hyundai accent for sale

Philkotse offers many features in the Cars for sale category.

Chat on Whatsapp

This feature is only available in the Philkotse app. The Whatsapp can be used to get updates and further information. Therefore, do not hesitate to download Philkotse app and enjoy the great experience of this feature.


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Various contents

Besides providing users with many cars for sale options, the website also has many articles: car reviews, car prices, car guides, news and tips. All of these contents are always keep updated and help make sure that you can get access to a wide array of information regarding the auto industry in the Philippines.

Car reviews

This category provides you with numerous reviews of various car models. Generally, the exterior and interior design, features, performance and prices of the model are presented here.

Car prices

Generally, various models’ price list are provided in this section.

Car guide

Information about many car brands and some of their models are presented here. Furthermore, car comparison, a very interesting section, which provides the buyers with detailed comparisons between car models to help you make a wise decision when considering between two such models.

Car tips and news

In this category, updated news and useful tips in the auto market in the Philippines are provided. Moreover, numerous videos have also been uploaded to this category to supply users with a vivid representation of the car models.

philkotse news and tips

Many auto news and tips in the Philippines are also provided on the website.


Here, users can get access to a multitude of car showrooms across the Philippines with some information such as their address, contact details, etc.


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Various services

At Philkotse.com, they provide users with all the support that helps the buying process as comfortable as possible. The services that are available on the website include

  • Apply for a car loan

  • Car loan calculator

  • Get insurance quote

  • Genuine car parts purchase on behalf of customers (To be launched soon)

  • Promos and other goodies

AI-supported technologies on Philkotse.com

The website also comes with many AI-supported technologies, which helps your car buying process a much more convenient one.

Car recommendation

Based on your searching history, the website can show you many cars which are similar to your searched units.

Search suggestions

Utilizing AI filtered information like tracked location, brand, model, etc., keywords can be suggested to the user when he/she only types a few letters.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page)

AMP works with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and helps improve the readability and speed of the mobile content pages.

COVID-19 updates in the Philippines and in the world

On the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic, Philkotse.com has launched the new category named “COVID-19 UPDATES”, which provides you with some of the numbers of the total cases and recovered as well as the total death toll in the world, the Philippines and other top 10 countries. The data in the table are updated once every two hours in order to make sure that people in the Philippines can receive the most updated information on the pandemic while using the website.

Youtube channel

Besides all the above, Philkotse also provides a Youtube channel which has recorded around 221,000 subscribers. On the Philkotse Youtube channel, you can get access to a wide range of videos on various auto models in the market.

philkotse youtube channel

The Philkotse Youtube channel has recorded around 221,000 subscribers.

Above is an introduction about the Philkotse.com website. If you have a chance, please pay a visit to this website. Since it is also written in English like Indianauto.com, understanding is not a problem at all. Try it and see if there are any differences and similarities between Indianauto.com and Philkotse.com or any room for improvement for our website. Do not hesitate to write to us and share your feelings with us.

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