Police Officers Getting Fined DOUBLE Under New Motor Vehicle Act

by Harish Kumar | 04/09/2019
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The video shows the senior cops breaking the traffic rules have been fined double in accordance with the 2019 amended Vehicle Act.

The Parliament in July has eventually approved the New Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill, 2019 which is aimed to tighten the traffic rules and impose tougher penalties for law violations. Just two days ago, the new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act officially came into force, marking the Indian Government’s greatest attempt to improve the road safety.

cops fined under new motor vehicle act

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While there are about five states that are still opposing the new traffic rules, the rest of India has been all ready to issue stricter fines to the motorists. In fact, Delhi has been reported to issue as many as 3,900 challans on the very first day of the new amended motor vehicle act. As you may all know, under the more stringent traffic regulations, the new challan rates are as much as 20 times higher than the earlier one. However, there are, still, many people including the law enforcers who continue to flout the rules. The following video posted by ABP News Hindi, shows a senior cop getting fines under the stricter law.

According to the video, we can see a Tata Sumo Gold, likely an official car of the Chakiya Deputy Superintendent of Police, which was stopped by the polices at an intersection. The car has been caught crossing the stop line when the traffic signal turned red. And you know, crossing the stop line on the red traffic light is an act of violating the traffic laws and a penalty can be put on the law-breaker. Interestingly enough, when the reporter came closer to the police officials who were sitting inside the vehicle, they started wearing the seatbelts in a feverish way. It seems like the officials here were even not wearing the seatbelt, which is another violation and can be fined accordingly. The police officers were quite stunned by the seatbelts and did not know how to put it on correctly. Funnily, they seemed to feel so awkward that they had to put the seatbelt around them, which is, as we all know, not working that way.

police officer breaking the traffic rules

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As seen in the video, the traffic police answered to the reporter that the fine for crossing the stop line is INR 500 while that of not wearing seatbelts is INR 1,000 that is 10 times higher than the earlier penalty. The total fine that the defaulter in the vehicle would have to pay is INR 3,000, as the law enforcers breaking the rules will be fined double as compared to others.

police officers get fined

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In a nutshell, it turns out that the Indian Government is making serious moves on the improvement of road safety across the nation. The new regulations have come in place to reduce the number of lawbreakers and illegal activities on the public roads as well as to raise the people’s awareness while driving. With the heavier challan rates under the Act, we are hopeful that it would play a key role in transforming the transport sector and improving the traffic conditions throughout the country.

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