Politician Promises To Cut Vehicle Fines If He Wins

by Vivaan Khatri | 14/10/2019
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Recently, a candidate in Haryana has made a promise to make sure people will not receive challan under the new MV Act.

The politicians always come up with the most appealing promises that directly address citizens’ concerns in the hope of gaining more votes. It is common to see politicians making speeches about what they can do for voters if they are elected. In many cases, elected politicians successfully fulfil their promises. Recently, in an election in Haryana, a politician has made a bold statement regarding the newly-amended Motor Vehicle Acts.

It is only a few days away until the Haryana Assembly Election takes place. All the election runners are giving their last shots to convince people to vote for them. During such gathering, Dudaram Bishnoi who is running for a slot at Legislative Assembly has made an unexpected promise. According to the candidate, if he wins, he will make sure people will not be fined by the new challan.

To put it in context, the Indian Government recently adapted the amended MV Act. The new set of traffic laws has come into effect since the beginning of September. Under the new rules, the fines for traffic offence grow substantially. Interestingly, Dudaram Bishnoi is a candidate from the ruling BJP party and the new MV Act was approved after the BJP party came into its second term at the parliament. MV Act amendment was the quickest law to be passed by the lower as well as the upper house of the parliament.

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The stricter fining mechanism was introduced as an attempt to curb the rampant traffic law violation in India. Traffic participant’s disregard of the traffic law is a disturbing cause for the high rate of road accidents in India, thereby, partially contributing to India’s highly dangerous traffic. Indian is listed among the countries with the most dangerous traffic in the world. It is hoped that the high rate of fine will dissuade motorists and car drivers from breaking traffic laws, hence, putting an end to this worrying situation.

The new law is warmly welcomed by the local government cross the country. The new MV Act was adopted in many cities and regions in India. However, not everyone in India is receiving a new amendment from a positive perspective. Some have raising concern that the new high rate of monetary punishment will lead to increased corruption. Gujarat and Rajasthan have declined the new amended MV Act. These states are developing a new set of regulations which will come into effect soon. With this promise, Dudaram Bishnoi can attract more voters and help him to win a chair at Legislative Assemble. To get for car news, visit IndianAuto.com.

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