Sportscar Owner Punished For Not Wearing Mask [Video]

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 27/04/2020
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A Porsche 718 Boxster owner was made to do sit-ups on public roads after possessing a valid pass to drive on during the lockdown.

The entire country is gripped by the outbreak of a deadly disease. Therefore, the citizens have been asked to stay back home as much as possible. To make people follow this order, authorities are taking the help of local security guards as well. But, the local security guards are not completely aware of the protocols or the laws and thus, end up being harassing some people.  A similar situation has been reported from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, where a man driving a Porsche 718 Boxster was stopped and made to do sit-ups as punishment. It can be seen in the video, that the man stops his cars and jumps out of it with no drama. However, the security guard is on the peak of his voice while addressing the man.


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The car owner claimed that he was coming back from his company, while he was stopped by a guard of “Nagar Suraksha Samiti”. The guard denied having a look at the pass, which was issued to him by the authorities, and instead verbally abused him. Why all of this? Because the Porsche driver did not have a mask on his face. On this note, the driver of the car said that wearing a mask and spectacles together accumulates water droplets on the lenses of the spectacles. Therefore, to ensure a clear vision, he was not wearing a mask.

In India, driving a sportscar is not an easy task. Broken patches of road, over-size speed breakers, and troublesome onlookers are a few reasons that degrade the overall driving experience of these machines. Also, it does sound illogical, but it appears that the guard was super excited to nab a supercar owner and make him do situps to satiate his ego. While stopping the car, he can also be heard addressing the car owner with a feeling of enviousness as he called him, "Son of Ambani" and more.


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Porsche Owner Made To Do Sit-Ups, Though He Had Valid Pass

The owner of the Porsche Boxster was asked to sit-ups, even though he had a pass issued to him by the authorities.

After further revelations, it was also found out that the owner of the car was distributing food packets to the needy in the Indore. Also, the owner’s father has recently donated an ambulance to serve the community. Charity, however, does not give anyone a right to break the law, but the guardsmen should be well versed with the law as well. It was nice of the Porsche owner to come out of the car without any argument, whatsoever, and follow the commands of the guardsman. That is appreciable. Also, it is nice that the guardsman performed as he was told without caring that the driver could be an influential person.

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