PWD Engineer And Contractor Made To Experience A Ride In An Ambulance On Potholed Road

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 16/10/2019
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Commuting through the bad roads after finishing up the daily chores, Goan road users got infuriated with the road condition and made the PWD engineer and the respective contractor have a ride in an ambulance. Same way way as a patient would.

The expanse of the road network in India is vast and loose. The 56,03,293 km of roads are a mix of beautifully laid tarmac and some pathetically ruined sections. Potholes and Indian roads share a bond which Indians believe is hard to break, and is not pleasing at all. There have been incidents before, where people died after crashing into the potholes and Indian citizens have been constantly trying to bring this to government’s kind attention. The efforts, however, seem to have failed. But this time, Goans have taken a noticeable approach to protest against the poor conditions of road in their state.

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A patient died on its way to the hospital due to such terrible road conditions.

Locals from Concona vented their anger out on the PWD engineer at his office recently, protesting against the pothole-filled and bad roads in the region. On the protestor's demand, the engineer had to call the contractor who won the tender of the road construction, and on his arrival, local questioned about when they can expect the roads to be fixed.

The engineer and contractor duo then presented a similar set of excuses about the pathetic conditions of the roads. The heavy rains washed away the road and NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) has been laying out some pipelines around the road were the excuses given by the PWD engineer and contractor. The locals, however, denied to believe them and insisted on the getting roads back to their original and pristine condition. 

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Locals made the contractor enjoy an off-road in the ambulance as a patient.

The locals stated that even a patient died on its way to the hospital due to such terrible road conditions. The locals then decided to give the duo a ride in an ambulance and let them feel the pain themselves. They made the contractor lie down on the stretcher and made the engineer sit next to him in the ambulance and drove it around the same stretch of road.

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When enquired about their experience after the ride in the ambulance, engineer and contractor replied it was indeed painful. Locals again urged them to mend the roads so that no more casualties take place because of these broken roads since this experience is what they have to go through every day during their commutes.

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The condition of roads in some parts our country is terrible and the government officials plus the contractors are the people to be blamed. Since they have already made a lot of money from projects, they turn their deaf sides up. While the Deputy CM of Karnataka, Govind Karjol made a statement that it is the good road that causes accident not the bad, recently DSP Traffic Goa also gave a similar statement on camera.

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