Renault Duster, Isuzu V-Cross, Maruti Gypsy Show Difference Between 4WD & AWD

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 23/06/2020
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Here's a video where an Isuzu V-Cross, Maruti Gypsy, and Renault Duster can be seen attempting an off-road obstacle. The results prove that a 4WD layout is any day better than an AWD layout.

Around the off-road enthusiasts, there is a constant clash of what is better between an AWD and 4WD mechanism. Experienced brains would always be inclined towards the 4WD layout in comparison to the AWD setups. But why? The explanation is simple and crisp. We have already covered this chapter in our “AWD Vs 4WD, What is the difference?” story. To ease the things, even more, YouTuber Anshuman Bishnoi has uploaded a video, which showcases three SUVs, going uphill on an incline with a loose surface. The SUVs that tackle the obstacle are Maruti Gypsy, Isuzu V-Cross, and Renault Duster.


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The Duster being an AWD car with limited wheel articulation starts the climb by picking up some pace. However, it fails to make its way to the top and gets bogged midway in the incline. The Duster makes numerous attempts, but the results stay the same. On the other hand, the V-Cross and the Gypsy were able to reach the top with minimal efforts. It raises a question, why did the Duster fail to do so, while it had the AWD setup up its sleeve?

We explain. This is no rocket science to deal with. The 4WD system on the V-Cross and Gypsy come equipped with a low-range gearbox, which gives them a different final drive ratio. Therefore, it increases the torque output at the wheel, in turn increasing the overall traction and capability of the vehicle. Also, with a centre differential in place, equal power is sent to the front and rear differentials. Another aspect that helps the V-Cross and Gypsy is the suspension setup.

Renault Duster, Isuzu V-Cross, Maruti Gypsy Showcases Diff Of 4WD & AWD


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The V-Cross and Gypsy feature a rigid axle at the rear. However, the Gypsy gets a rigid axle at the front-end as well, which increases the wheel articulation of the vehicles. On the Duster, all 4 wheels are independently suspended. Also, the AWD system on the Duster is an electronically controlled one and sends a major part of the power and torque to the front wheels only. At a later stage in this video, a Mahindra Scorpio can also be seen climbing up this incline quite easily. Notably, this Scorpio gets a locking differential at its rear axle, which is a boon when going off the road.

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