Here’s What Happens When Reverse Gear is Engaged at High Speeds in Car [VIDEO]

by Jatin Chhibber | 20/07/2020
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Here’s a new video uploaded by a YouTube channel named as Arun Panwar, which shows, what happens if reverse gear is engaged in a forward-moving vehicle.

The automobile sector and technology is evolving at a rapid pace around the world. Every carmaker is now coming up with some new products and technologies to improve the quality of our lives. Vehicles have become irreplaceably essential for travelling from one place to another. The introduction of newer technologies helps to make our vehicles safer and comfortable. Moreover, automakers are now also trying to prevent accidents via technology. One big mistake that a lot of young drivers do is slotting into reverse gear after the 5th gear. If it happened 20 years back, it could have caused severe damage to the car as well as the passengers sitting inside. But what happens if we do this with the new-age cars? 


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Here’s a recent video uploaded by a YouTube Channel named Arun Panwar. In this video, Arun can be seen doing this experiment in his Maruti Baleno. He starts driving his car and tries to keep it between 50-60 kmph, and once the hatchback is constantly cruising at the said speed, then he tries to slot it into the reverse gear. While watching that video, if you listen carefully then you’ll hear a scratching noise, which doesn’t sound good or anything healthy. Arun also clarifies in his video that he did not apply too much power while slotting the reverse gear. 



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In this video, what happens is that the reverse gear is engaged in a forward-moving car which is why there’s a grinding noise coming from the transmission. To prevent any damage to the car at higher speeds it is impossible to slot the gearbox into reverse, but at slower speeds, say about 5kmph, if sufficient force is applied, the reverse gear can be engaged in a moving car. But to prevent any damage, it is advised that you bring your car to a halt before engaging reverse gear. You can also check out the video embedded above to know more.  

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