Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Maruti Ciaz Go Drag Racing

by Jatin Chhibber | 05/05/2020
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Here's a video of a drag race between the Maruti Ciaz and Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 that shows both the vehicles testing their acceleration against each other

Earlier, we have featured a lot of drag races including cars on our website. People around the country are quite fanatic about drag races to measure the capabilities of their cars and bikes. Here, we have a similar video but what makes it special is that it involves a car going against a motorcycle. The two vehicles in question include a Maruti Ciaz and a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. We know that many of you may have already guessed the winner, but for those who are still confused, let’s go through the video to find out who wins the race, Maruti Ciaz or the Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. This drag race video is uploaded by a YouTube channel named as King Indian. It's important to mention here that this race was conducted on an empty street and we totally condemn such behaviour on a public road with traffic. Also, we pretty much hate it that the Interceptor-rider doesn't have any riding gear on. 


Ranveer Singh Reviews the Maruti Ciaz

The vloggers start the video by introducing both the competitors to the viewers. Afterwards, the vlogger chose to ride the bike, while his friend was driving the Ciaz. In total, 3 drag races were conducted between the two models. In the first round, both the vehicles started the race at the same time, but in just a few seconds the Interceptor 650 overtakes the Ciaz and wins the race.

The same happened in the second and third round. The Interceptor 650 won all three rounds with a good margin. There are several factors behind the winning of the Royal Enfield. The first reason is that the Interceptor 650 has a much better power-to-weight ratio than the Ciaz 1.5. The sedan features a bigger and potent engine compared to the one offered with the Interceptor 650, but the weight of the car makes it difficult to pick up speed.


Here's an Old Maruti Ciaz with DRL-equipped Headlamps of New Model


The rider riding the RE Interceptor 650 was is not wearing any safety gear

The second factor is wheel spin, which is also mentioned in the video. Whenever, the race starts Maruti Ciaz loses traction, which is mostly the driver's fault. This gives Interceptor 650 an advantage to take the lead. In a nutshell, both these vehicles are quite relevant to their purpose and are very popular in their respective segments, but we find this drag race a bit irrelevant and inappropriate. The vlogger in this video is not wearing any safety gear while riding the bike, which is quite dangerous. One should always wear safety gears including helmet, gloves, jackets, etc while riding or conducting high-speed tests, while it's imperative for the driver to use seatbelt at all times.

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