Rs 25,000 Is All You Need To Hire This Gold Rolls Royce Phantom

by Vivaan Khatri | 10/03/2020
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A unique Rolls Royce finished in gold was spotted in Kerala recently. What's more surprising is that this car is used as a taxi.

Rolls Royce has been famous around the workd for its range of extra expensive cars that only the really wealthy can afford. In India, where people have a serious fascination for this car brand, we can see Rolls Royce cars been used by celebs like Amitabh Bachchan and Hritik Roshan. However, you don't need to be a celebrity or even very rich to experience a Rolls Royce because we've stumbled upon details of a gold-wrapped Rolls Royce Phantom taxi that can be hired for a day for Rs 25,000. 

India's First Gold Chrome Wrap Rolls Royce Phantom Taxi

Reportedly, this glittering Rolls Royce Phantom is owned by Bobby Chemmanur, a millionaire based in Kerala. This car is used for chauffeuring visitors to his resort. As what the millionaire revealed in a WhatsApp video, the price of two-night stay along with Rolls-Royce taxi service for three days is around $345 which is equivalent to Rs 25,000.

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As per the images shared online, this Rolls Royce is of the previous generation, not the recent eighth-gen model. According to the owner, this luxury car was purchased from an auction at a discounted price. He also added that transforming this car into a taxi is definitely not profitable. On explaining his decision of providing a golden Phantom taxi service, he said it was because of the uniqueness of this idea. Possible, this car can gain his resort some attention.

Gold-covered Rolls Royce Phantom taxi

Gold-covered Rolls Royce Phantom is owned by a millionaire in Kerala  

Rolls Royce Phantom is already an extra expensive vehicle which is currently on sales at around $450,000. It is not known what's the exact price the millionaire has paid for this gold-garnished luxury car. Even though he said he got it at a discount price, we believe that the price of this car would not be any lower than a few crores. The shiny retouch of the exterior would have easily added to the cost.

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The images of the gold-covered Phantom has thrilled many car maniacs in Kerala and the mere idea of this car being a taxi is even more fascinating for many. However, not everyone is pleased seeing this expensive car serving as a taxi. In fact, some people are raising their concern on why Rolls Royce can allow one of their valued products to be used as a 'cab'.

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