Sachin Tendulkar Cars Collection: Jaw-Dropping Supercars Of The Cricketing Legend

by Harish Kumar | 16/02/2020
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Not only cricketing but Sachin Tendulkar is also highly-admired for the jaw-dropping cars that he has in his garage. From the decently-priced BMW i8, the controversial Ferrari 360 Modena to the humble yet iconic Maruti 800, look at Sachin Tendulkar car collection.

Sachin Tendulkar, the cricketing legend of all time in India, is praised for unforgettable innings in sports history. Although the powerful cricketing prowess or even his humble and soft-spoken style has made the name Sachin Tendulkar spreading out across the globe, some of the enthusiasts are even more enthused in his exotic car collection. When it comes to an avid automobile lover among the Indian cricketers, it’s Sachin Tendulkar to be named at the top spot of the list. Sachin Tendulkar car collection has some of the most entrancing models as of today. From his very first humble car to the most expensive supercar in his garage, let’s take a look at the jaw-drawing Sachin Tendulkar Car Collection

sachin tendulkar cars collection

1. Maruti 800

Before touching on some of the most expensive wheels, Sachin Tendulkar’s passion for cars, like most normal people like us, began with the humble Maruti 800. While it’s been a long time since the Maruti 800 was replaced by the new and modern cars, we still believe that the Maruti 800 is standing still in Tendulkar’s cars garage.

sachin tendulkar car collection - maruti 800 with sachin side angle

“Dream car when I was growing up? Well, I think most of the guys had wanted the Maruti 800 as their first car”, said the famous cricketer. And yes, he had his dream come true. Sachin Tendulkar first car is a red-coloured first-gen Maruti 800 that remains an important car of the man for quite a long time now and we really respect for that.

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2. Ferrari 360 Modena

Humble cars aside, let’s move on the ultra-luxurious set of wheels in Sachin Tendulkar car collection. The Ferrari 360 is such a car. Sachin Tendulkar’s Ferrari car is a special gift from Fiat India to commemorate the equaling the highest number of test centuries.

sachin tendulkar car collection - Ferrari 360 Modena front angle

The original price of the Ferrari 360 Modena was at Rs 75 Lakh at that time. However, it was about Rs 1.1 crore duty that was to be paid on the car. As soon as the Government decided to give Sachin an exemption by waving off this duty, a huge controversy ensued. Fiat India decided to pay the tax amount in eventually but this incident, one way or another, made a dent on his reputation, making it the very first controversy that the cricketer had been involved in.

ferrari 360 modena rear angle

Still, putting aside these stories, we can deny that the Ferrari 360 Modena is a ‘mouth-watering” sports car. It was powered by a 3.6-litre naturally-aspirated V8 engine making 395 HP of power and 372 Nm of torque. The bright red-coloured ‘prancing horse’ spent a fair couple of years with the cricketer and covered about 8,000 kilometres before being sold to a businessman in Surat. 

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3. Nissan GT-R Egoist

Next in the list of Sachin Tendulkar cars collection is the hugely popular Nissan GT-R which surely needs no introduction for the true car nuts. The Nissan GT-R Egoist owned by Sachin was a limited edition and a luxury version of the GT-R. What makes the GT-R Egoist of Sachin Tendulkar one-of-a-kind is the fact that the car is made on request only. It comes with a super-sporty Wald body kit along with a plush customized interior.

sachin modena collection - nissan gt-r egoist edition

Powering the Nissan GT-R Egoist or the Gozilla as it’s called, is a 3.8-litre twin-turbo v6 engine that generates 562 HP of power and a colossal 637 Nm of torque, good enough to make it the super-cool “mile-muncher” in India. Transmission duties are taken over by a six-speed automatic transmission. The acceleration of 0 – 100 kmph can be acquired in less than 3 seconds while the top speed is strikingly rated at 315 kmph. The only Egoist Edition was sold by Sachin Tendulkar in 2017 to an unknown automobile enthusiast and collector in Mumbai.

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4. BMW X5M

There’s no need to surprise when a BMW’s brand ambassador owns some set of BMW cars in his garage. Sachin Tendulkar gets a rare 2002 BMW X5M SUV in the shade of Long Beach Blue colour in his garage. Since most buyers go for the standard X5 model, the M power version of Sachin is truly a unique set of wheels. The X5M was spotted with the cricket star on numerous occasions before the cricketer put it for sale last year.

sachin tendulkar car collection - bmw x5m blue rear angle

As a 2002 model, the BMW X5M is kitted out with a massive 4.6-litre V8 petrol engine producing 347 BHP of max power and 480 Nm of torque. This mill comes mated to an 8-speed manual transmission and propels the car to hit 100 kmph from 0 kmph in around 7 seconds. The electronically-limited top speed of the performance SUV is at 249 kmph for safety purposes.

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5. BMW M6 Gran Coupe

Also in the Sachin Tendulkar car collection is the first-ever M6 Gran Coupe of India. It is another rare car among Sachin Tendulkar’s cars besides the GT-R and X5M. In the unique “Frozen Silver” colour scheme, the M6 Gran Coupe is an absolute head-turner.

sachin tendulkar cars - bmw m6 gran coupe

Powering the M6 Gran Coupe is a massive 4.4-litre V8 turbo engine outputting 560 BHP of max power and 680 Nm of torque. This motor is coupled with a 7-speed automatic transmission which offers various driving modes for the driver to choose from. Price of the M6 Gran Coupe was at about Rs 1.8 Crore (ex-showroom) and since the variant has been expired, Sachin Tendulkar car becomes one of its kind.

BMW M6 Gran Coupe video walkaround from the Indian launch

6. BMW 7-Series 750 Li

Easily one of the most luxurious cars of Sachin Tendulkar should be the BMW 750 Li. BMW 7-Series has now been a common car in the Indian Celebrities car garage, but wait a min, this BMW 7-Series of Sachin Tendulkar still gets something more special and fanciful up its sleeves.

sachin tendulkar car collection - bmw 7-series 750 Li

This is a top-of-the-line BMW 750Li M-sport that has been customized to the taste of Sachin Tendulkar. Original, it was a white-blue coloured car then Sachin had it wrapped in a more beautiful shade of red and blue instead. The interior of the car has been customized too, with the leather seats with “Sachin Tendulkar” logo inserts.

Besides the standard yet versatile features on the 7-Series, the BMW car comes with the M-sport package that includes M Aerodynamics package, M-specific exhaust pipe finished in chrome, M-specific design elements along with M-Design brakes among other.

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The BMW 750 Li is truly a mind-boggling performance spec vehicle. The firepower is generated from a 4.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine which is capable of pumping out 450 HP / 650 Nm of torque. Powers is sent to the wheels via an 8-speed Steptronic Sport automatic transmission as standard. With such a monstrous engine, the car is capable of rocketing from 0 – 100 kmph as quickly as in 4.7 seconds and reaching the top speed of 250 kmph.

8. BMW M5 30 Jahre Edition

As you must have noticed by now, the list of Sachin Tendulkar car collection is pretty long. Apart from these aforementioned vehicles, a BMW M5 30 Jahre Edition also finds a good place in Sachin Tendulkar’s exotic car garage. As special as its name, there are only 300 units of the M5 30 Jahre Edition will be manufactured by the renowned German automobile company ever and the Blaster Master gets himself one.

sachin tendulkar car collection - bmw m5 jahre edition

The BMW M5 30 Jahre Edition draws the power from a super-challenging 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine tuned to put out 592 BHP of max power and 700 Nm of max torque. The powerplant helps the car become the most powerful production BMW M5 ever built run up from a standstill to 100 kmph in 3.9 seconds. A 7-speed M-DCT is a part of the package.

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7. BMW i8

When it comes to Sachin Tendulkar car collection, it is none other than the BMW i8 that is the most fantastic drive. The BMW i8 customised to Sachin’s interest by DC Design is one of the most favourite cars of Sachin from the very day one.

sachin tendulkar cars - bmw i8 front angle

Known as the most umber-cool hybrid sports car of BMW, the customized i8 of Sachin Tendulkar has been spotted on the Mumbai streets on a regular basis. The stunning exterior of the car now looks prettier with a thorough makeover which comprises of a custom front grille, larger centre air dams, new bumpers, quad exhaust tips along with a sporty shade of white and red colour.

Car And Bike Show - Master Blaster & his ride | Video By NDTV

The one-off BMW i8 coupe is powered by a hybrid powertrain system, consisting of a 1.5-litre 3-cylinder petrol engine as well as an electric motor on board. This powertrain makes a combined power and torque output of 362 BHP and 570 Nm, respectively, still punchy enough for the highest gust of adrenaline. And do you know how much is this machine? Well, the price tag on a new BMW i8 is Rs 2.25 – 3.3 Crore before the customization. This car is the most-priced possession of Sachin Tendulkar ever.

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