A Second-hand modified Toyota Innova That Is More More Luxurious And Affordable Than an Innova Crysta

by Mohammed Burman | 04/03/2019
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Well-known for vehicle transformation, DC Design has customized many models, including some MPVs. This video shows a Toyota Innova which has been customized by DC Design and put on sale in India.

DC Modified Innova | Preowned DC Innova Lounge For Sale | My Country My Ride

At the beginning of the video, the driver compartment of the vehicle is showcased. It appears to be separated from the passenger compartment by a screen, which provides both the driver and the passengers with more privacy. The driver and the passengers can contact with each other through a push-button mic-speaker system. A problem arises as the screen is added: the view of the review mirror in the cabin is blocked. In order to address this issue, a camera has been equipped in the rear of the car which gives the driver a clear view of what is behind the vehicle.


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A wide array of convenience features is added to the rear compartment. For example, the two full-electrically adjustable rear seats come with calf support which can also be electronically adjusted by using the control panel on the completely foldable armrest. If the armrest folded, the passengers can use the soft-touch buttons on the door panel to adjust the seat. You can also use these buttons to adjust the powered windows and the ambient lighting according to different levels to suit the mood. An additional small seat can also be unfolded to house a kid, but no seatbelt is available for this seat.

Other convenience features include a mini fridge for cold drinks storage and a household electric socket for phone, laptop and camera charging. To satisfy the entertainment demands of both the driver and the co-passengers, an entertainment setup which supports USB and Bluetooth connectivity is equipped in the driver cabin to spread music inside. Moreover, a screen is integrated to the rear of the cabin for the passengers to watch movies. Noteworthily, the vehicle has been left intact in terms of the mechanical specifications, which allows it to the services at any Toyota service centres.

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The DC-customized Innova is on sale at Rahul Motors. It is priced at INR 12.5 lakh which can be negotiated. It is also worth noting that the introductory price of a new petrol Toyota Innova is INR 14.83 lakh and it does not offer such luxuries. Moreover, a new Innova Crysta has a starting on-road price of INR 18 lakh. As revealed in the video, the modifications done by DC Design are charged about INR 8 -9 lakh by the company. This means that if you want to get a new Innova modified like this, you must be willing to pay at least INR 28 lakh while these modifications done on a used Innova will cost you approximately INR 20 lakh. So, this modified model is a real value for money. If you are looking for a low-cost Toyota Innova with a lot of luxurious features, go for this one. We are sure that it will not disappoint you.

DC-modified Toyota Innova with the seller

This modified Toyota Innova is a real value for money

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