Army-spec Suzuki Jimny (New Maruti Gypsy) Looks Just Right!

by Kshitij Rawat | 06/05/2020
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Here, we have a digital rendering of a Suzuki Jimny (next-gen Maruti Gypsy) prepared for the Indian army, complete with a video showcasing the entire process.

Suzuki Jimny is perhaps the most anticipated car in the Indian car market right now, but with an unclear launch timeline, we aren’t sure when we’d get to see one on Indian roads. Earlier this year, Suzuki had showcased the car at Maruti’s stall during the 2020 Auto Expo. The audience response towards the car was hugely positive, which is why the company has decided to launch the car in India as well. Manufacturing facilities are currently being set up, and the car is expected to wear the 'Gypsy' nameplate.

Indian Army Maruti Suzuki Jimny Gypsy

Army-spec second-generation Maruti Gypsy could look like this

Maruti Gypsy was an extremely popular car with Government authorities. Indian Army loved the vehicle, so much so that the company had to make an additional batch for the army after the discontinuation of the vehicle with special permission by the Ministry of Defence. The new Gypsy (i.e, the India-spec Jimny) might have the same fate. If so, were sure that the Indian army would like the next-gen Gypsy a lot. Of course, the car would have to be changed a little to make it appropriate for the Army. Now, if you’re wondering what the army-spec Jimny would look like, we have the answer right here!

Army-spec Suzuki Jimny (New Maruti Gypsy) Imagined Digitally | IndianAutosBlog

The video above has been created by Shoeb R. Kalania, IAB’s in-house digital artist. IAB, readers might be aware, is IndianAuto’s sister publication. The video begins with a stock Suzuki Jimny, the regular three-door version. First, the exterior paint-scheme of the car is changed to military-green, an army exclusive colour in India. Passenger cars are disallowed from owning a car in said colour. After the paint job, the artist sets about with other changes. The front windscreen and the windows are all reinforced with a metal brace each, and then a wire-mesh is added over every glass surface. The front grille is also replaced by a custom unit, probably one with better sand protection. You also get auxiliary lights mounted on the roof.


Suzuki Jimny (New Maruti Gypsy) Offers Weak Driver Protection, Only 3-star Safety Rating

The final touches are given to the car in the form of a full-body camouflage, which is quite popular among vehicles serving in combat zones. Where the original Gypsy had an open-top model that could be modified for mounting a gun, the Jimny doesn’t. As such, it might either require extreme modification, or it might only be used as a transport vehicle. This, however, is only a speculation. We reserve our final word until we get to see the car in flesh and assess its abilities ourselves!

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