Watch Suzuki Jimny Help Mercedes G63 AMG and Mitsubishi LS200 in Tug of War with Hummer H1

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 18/05/2020
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In this interesting tug of war fight, old Hummer H1 can be seen putting some of the newest and most capable 4WD cars to shame

Tug of war is an interesting game for participants to showcase their outright power. These days, it can often be seen conducted between 2 cars to compare which has more grip to the ground and can put down the much-needed torque. However, we came across this video where a car is competing with 3 others at the same time. The video comes from the YouTube channel of CarWow. In the video, a Hummer H1 is tied to one end of the rope, while the opposite end is tied to a Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG. As the competition starts, the Hummer can be seen pulling the G63 AMG off its place effortlessly.


Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 Vs Suzuki Jimny - Which Wins The Tug-Of-War

The G63 AMG is the powerful one here. It features a 4.0L twin-turbo V8 belting out 585 HP/850 Nm. Powering the Hummer is a 6.5L V8 diesel that dishes out 197 HP/583 Nm of peak output. The instant torque of a diesel engine and the Hummer’s extra weight helped it out here. It weighs around 3.6 Tonnes while the G63 AMG tips the scales at 2.5 Tonnes only. There you see a difference of 1.1 Tonnes.

To balance the weight on either side of the rope, a Suzuki Jimny Sierra is also tied to the Hummer to help the G63 AMG with more weight and power.  With extra weight and 103 more horses against the Hummer H1, competition starts. The big mud-terrain tyres, sheer weight, and low-end grunt again come up to Hummer’s rescue and the big-old American tank is seen pulling the G63 AMG and Jimny with ease. However, the video host was not convinced enough to announce the Hummer as a winner.


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Watch Suzuki Jimny Help Merc G63 AMG and a Mitsubishi Pickup In Tug of War with Hummer H1

The Hummer H1 is the civilian version of the HMMWV used by the USA in World War II.

A Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck with a 2.3L turbo-diesel producing 150 HP and 400 Nm is also added on the same end of the rope as G63 AMG and the Jimny. Thus the total weight becomes 5.5 tonnes, while the power totals at 836 Hp. Seems like a perfect setup to put Hummer H1 to shame. The whistle blows and the result is not surprising at all. The three cars fail to pull the Hummer H1 with their collective efforts. Hummer too was unable to pull them to its side but ends up holding the ground firmly until the competition is announced as a tie. But, standing strong as a wall to 3 cars is a victory, nevertheless.

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