Suzuki Jimny Vs Hummer H1 Quarter Mile Drag Race

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 24/07/2020
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Ever wondered how fast Suzuki Jimny and Hummer H1 are in a quarter-mile run? Here is a video in which they can be seen putting all of their horses to work.

SUVs were never meant to be fast. They were designed to have the ability to go places since inception. However, with the cruising speeds increasing along with the improved road infrastructure, SUVs have become faster as well. But, how fast are two of the best off-road worthy SUVs from market segments that are poles apart? We are talking about the 2020 Suzuki Jimny and the old-trusty Hummer H1 here. Critics believe they are slow. But, it would be better if they were put against each other on a drag strip putting down all of their horses on the tarmac. However, we would not have to put in efforts this time, as here’s a video from the YouTube channel of Carwow, where these two legends can be seen putting the tarmac ablaze.


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Before we take a look at the video clip, having a look at their specs would be even better. The smaller, modern, and affordable Suzuki Jimny in its 4th-gen avatar gets a 1.5L 4-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol motor, which develops 101 horses at max and a peak torque of 130 Nm. The old and massive Hummer H1, on the other hand, gets a 6.8L V8 power plant that puts out a peak power output of 197 HP and max torque of 583 Nm. Another aspect that should be put into consideration here is their weight. The Jimny tips the scale at 1100 kilos, while the Hummer weighs in at 3600 kilograms.

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Coming back to their performance on the drag strip, it is an interesting fight. Both of the offroaders stand parallel to each other with their engines revving to the core. They get a green signal and start moving. However, both of them are pretty slow. But, it is the Jimny that wins the race by finishing the quarter-mile run in just 18.4 seconds, while the Hummer H1 took 27 seconds to reach the finish line. As soon as it was over, the host decided to check their braking capabilities as well. To do so, drivers of both the cars were asked to slam the brakes at speeds of 50 Miles per hour. Talking of the results, the Hummer H1 won here.

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