Check Out Suzuki Swift (3-star Euro NCAP) in Internal Crash Testing by Manufacturer

by Kshitij Rawat | 29/04/2020
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A new video has recently surfaced on the internet, showing how Suzuki conducts internal crash tests of its cars. The video here shows a Europe-spec Suzuki Swift (3-star Euro NCAP)

Recently, Suzuki Motor Corporation uploaded a video that depicts how the company prepares its cars for crash tests. The car in the video is the Europe-spec Suzuki Swift, which has received a 3-star adult safety rating in Euro-NCAP tests. 

Suzuki Automobile Development | Crash test

The video above starts with Suzuki engineers preparing the Swift for the crash test. Once the preparations are complete, a brief countdown happens and the car is launched into the target. The crash test shown in the video is a frontal impact test (driver side). The engineers then go ahead and take a visual inspection of the car and crash dummies for the initial assessment. After that, the crash dummies are then taken apart and thoroughly checked for a complete assessment of the damage to the occupants during the simulated accident.

The video also tells us that Suzuki performs such crash tests daily at the test facility, in order to keep checking the safety quotient of their cars. Parameters like airbag deployment, effect on occupants, impact on the interior parts, and damage to the seats, get evaluated in the crash test. The video also states that the car used for crash testing is a stock, run-of-the-mill production model.

Suzuki Swift Sport crash testing

Suzuki's in-house crash testing of the Swift Sport

To ease the impact of a crash, every car features a crumple zone at the front and rear of the car. While the passenger cabin is made to be nearly indestructible, to keep the occupants safe, a crumple zone is the opposite, meant to be crushed during an accident. This helps the car absorb a portion of the brunt of the accident. The rest of the impact on the passengers is absorbed by the airbags. If calibrated properly, these safety innovations can help reduce fatalities during road accidents.


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It should also be pointed out that the Suzuki Swift used in the video above is a Euro-spec model, which scored a mediocre ‘3-star rating’ during Euro NCAP crash test safety assessment (‘4-star’ rating with safety pack). On the other hand, in the 2018 Global NCAP safety assessment report, the India-spec Maruti Suzuki Swift scored a rather unimpressive 2-star safety rating. 

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