Tata Altroz Foam Washing Video - Is Snow Foam Wash good for your Car?

by Jatin Chhibber | 02/10/2020
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Here’s a recent YouTube video which tells you how good the snow foam wash is for your car. The video shows a Tata Altroz

Car washing is one of the most important things an owner should do regularly to keep his vehicle clean and healthy. Many people prefer washing their car at home because they believe that car wash stations can damage their car as they wash cars with their hands. But, here is a recent video where a person took his Tata Altroz for foam wash. Watch the video, embedded below to know that is snow foam wash good for your car or not. 


Tata Altroz Based MPV Rendered

This video has been uploaded by a YouTube channel named as R&R Vlogs Creation. In this video, the owner of Tata Altroz has shown different steps of snow foam wash. First, the car is taken to a lifting ramp. Then, the workers at the workshop started washing the Altroz with a high-pressure gun. Washing the vehicle with the high-pressure water gun is quite useful as it cleans all the dust and mud for the body and underbody of the car. Then the cleaner also uses the water gun to clean the engine bay of the premium hatchback. After washing the car with water, the same water gun was used to put snow foam on the body of the Altroz.



Tata Altroz Black Edition Looks Scintillating In This Rendering

Then the worker started rubbing that foam on the body of the car with a cloth. Afterwards, the snowy foam was washed again with the help of a water gun. It seems like the foam wash is pretty good and safe for your car. Then the interiors of the hatchback were cleaned with help of car vacuum and then the final touching was given to the Altroz with the help of polish. The vlogger has mentioned that he has spent Rs 500 for cleaning his Tata Altroz, which seems to be quite worthy. There are a lot of snow foam car wash stations across the country. One can easily search a foam car wash station near his place. 

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