Tata Harrier Looks Solid In An Off-Road Avatar

by Harish Kumar | 14/12/2020
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Tata Harrier is already a butch-looking SUV itself in the stock form but this Tata Harrier looks extremely bolder in an off-road spec avatar. Take a look!

If we talk about the actual production version, the Tata Harrier is a pretty handsome SUV that looks more radical than anything else in the segment. As it is the priciest SUV in the stables of Tata Motors, the Harrier comes with many bells and whistles an even a design that makes it look quite premium and imposing. .However, for some, that doesn’t seem enough to ease the insatiable desire of this digital illustrator who has managed to make the Harrier more rugged and muscular in a new 4x4 off-road layout. Check it out!

It should be noted that Tata Motors has no plan to give the Harrier a 4x4 off-road version in the near future. Despite that, the Harrier already gets a rough-road driving mode with traction control that helps the SUV navigate to the mildly off-road conditions with ease. Still, this is simply a speculative rendering that might give us an idea of how the Tata Harrier off-roader would look like.


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As per the rendered image, the Tata Harrier has been given plenty of hardware on the outside to make it more off-roader alike. The SUV sports a heavily-redesigned bumper at the front which accommodates a light bar and two auxiliary lamps. There’s a massive winch integrated into the bumper while an aftermarket snorkel stands on the side fender.

tata harrier off-roader rendering

The range of auxiliary lights prominently sits on the roof while the off-road spec, mud and terrain tyres with rugged alloy wheels perfectly complement the off-roading visual appeal of the vehicle. Overall, the customization kits on the Tata Harrier looks so good that the SUV mostly becomes a true-blue off-roader. That’s a visual aspect. For those who want your Harrier “look” like an off-road SUV, this rendering gives them a good idea. However, what’s more difficult is to implement the full-fledged all-wheel-drive system that’s not indicated in the rendered version.


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As for the regular Harrier, the Tata car has just recorded over 2,300 units sold in October, marking the highest sales in 19 months. The home-grown company has just launched the Camo Edition of the Harrier in India which carries a similar price tag as the Dark Edition. Also, Tata is in the run-up for the launch of the 7-seater version of the Harrier, named Tata Gravitas that will hit the market by the end of this year.

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