Tata Nexon AMT Performance In Hills In Various Driving Modes

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 09/07/2020
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Tata Nexon comes with 3 driving modes, namely Eco, Sport, and City. The Eco is the most docile of the lot. But with AMT transmission on-board, is it capable enough to pull the Nexon on a hill? Find out here.

In the world of automatic transmissions, constant evolution is taking place every now and then. The most recent one to make its way to the mass market cars is the AMT (Automated Manual Transmission). However, Hyundai has recently unveiled the iMT, which is yet to be tested by us.  Coming back to the AMT, it is the cheapest form of automatic transmission that is currently available in the automotive world. It works decently enough in the city for the price it comes at. But, how well it performs in the hills? Here’s a video we came across on YouTube channel of Nikhil Rana, which reveals about the Nexon AMT’s performance in hills.


In the video, the host can be seen giving a fair sight of his experience with the Nexon AMT in hills with the 3 driving modes that it comes with. The host starts with Eco mode first, and it can be seen in the video that Nexon cruises effortlessly across the small gradients. But, it struggles a little as the grade of the slope increases. In the City mode, however, the Nexon climbs the incline without much of a hassle. The situation is even better when the car is in the Sport mode.


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Also, the owner shows that in the manual mode, the driving modes cannot be changed on the Nexon. While he might not be aware of the fact, we tell you that in manual mode, the car stays in Sport mode by default. The various driving modes alter the downshift timings and RPM, therefore switching in between the modes in manual mode is not possible.

Tata Nexon AMT: Performance In Hills In Various Driving Modes

Talking of the powertrain options, Nexon has 2 engine options on offer – 1.2L turbo petrol and 1.5L diesel. The former is a 3-pot turbocharged motor that puts out 120 PS of peak power and 170 PS of max torque. The oil burner, on the other hand, puts out a peak power output of 110 PS and rated torque output of 260 Nm. The gearbox options comprise of a 6-speed MT and 6-speed AT.

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